Crystal Light

The Forgotten left many artefacts behind. Amongst them are various items capable of emitting light. The source of the light for each item are a specific type of crystal. Hence the name crystal light. Where these crystals came from and how they function has not been discovered yet. It is one of the many mysteries left behind by the Forgotten. Some are fixed in place, build into the structure they are part of. Others come in a more portable form.

Fixed crystal lights

Because only the Forgotten knew how to make these crystal lights those whom are fixed in place can only be found in the ageless buildings they left behind. Because of the nature of the buildings these lights can not be removed from their original position. There are several types of fixed crystal lights.

Pillar Formation

These are huge crystal formations clustered together around a pillar or half-pillar and are often found in hallways or staircases. They can be very intricate and decorative, but they have no build in way to dim their light. Sometimes cloth is draped around them to dim the light somewhat if needed.


Massive crystal light chandeliers can be found in bigger rooms within the ageless buildings. Perhaps one of the most famous is the Grand Chandelier in the Grand Auditorium within The Golden Light Tower. Similar as the pillar formations they can not be dimmed.

Wall sconces

Sconces can be found in smaller rooms and narrow hallways. They hold only one or two smaller crystals and therefor provide less light which makes them better suitable for smaller spaces. In rooms they often come with a cover that gives the option to dim the light partially or fully. Crystal light sconces come in many styles, from simple functional designs to very intricate and decorative.

Portable Crystal lights

While fixed crystal lights remain in the place that they were installed in many era's ago, portable crystal lights are small enough to easily move them around. Over time many of them have been taken from their original location and can now be found in various places all over the world.


Lanterns feature a metal enclosure for the crystal light and a handle to easily carry it around. The enclosure has doors on all sides which can be opened or closed. These allow for an easy way to dim the light to whatever the user wants. Some lanterns have doors with intricate punctured patterns. When closed they will provide a spectacle of small light dots cast upon walls, floors, and ceiling.


Crystal light candles do not look like regular candles. Instead they feature a small round base with a single long and slender crystal. This makes them even easier to carry around at night, or have them at your bedside table. If they originally where made with a seperate cover these have since been lost, which does not seem unlikely due to the thousands of years they have been passed from one person to the other. Most metalworkers these days are capable of making covers for the candles however. This made them a popular item for bedrooms.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are perhaps less portable than others in this category, but what they have in common is that they where able to be taken from their original location to be moved elsewhere. They come in many designs and are very popular among the higher classes.


Crystal light torches are very peculiar items. The crystal is worked into a metal cylinder, closed of on one side, which allows for the light to cast a single beam. There is a build in closure that slides over the open end and allows the user to block the light completely. These are particularly popular among thieves and other more malevolent people.



The crystals only produce light when their environment is starting to get darker.


Crystal lights are cool to the touch, even when they are emitting light.


They are unbreakable, just like many other artefacts and buildings left behind by the Forgotten.

Light tower

The largest crystal light known to mankind can be found on top of The Golden Light Tower in Sajhdula. Since times long ago it has guided sailors safely around the southwestern point of the West-Eghean continent. It shines so bright that during cloudless nights it's light can be seen all the way from the top of the Ageless Tower of Tiham 170 km north of Sajhdula.

Unknown Source

It has long been known that crystal lights were created by the Forgotten. It is not known however where they got the crystals from. Perhaps they were mined from a quarry which has since dried out. Or perhaps these ancient people knew how to make these crystals by hand.

Cover image: Close up of leaf by Pixabay


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