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The Treasure of Nolh Aev

The Treasure of Nolh Aev is a well known legend all throughout Ealdwyll. Its promise of riches beyond imagination has lured many adventurers to an untimely death.


In a time long ago a group of slaves fled from East Eghea to the Lindiwa Mountain Range in hopes of escaping their clan. Among them was a man called Trisjk. It was largely thanks to him that the group managed to escape with enough food and equipment to last them several weeks. Their goal was to reach the lands west of the mountains.   Under Trisjks guidance the group traveled through the mountains. The journey was a lot harder than anyone had anticipated though. They lost several people in accidents or due to predator attacks. But there was no going back for them. When they finally reached Nolh Aev Trisjk was convinced they were going to make it. But then a sudden snowstorm crushed those expectations. All hope seemed lost until they spotted an entrance into Nolh Aev. This was no ordinary cave entrance however as they would soon find out.   Only three former slaves made it to the entrance. Trisjk was one of them. As they set foot inside the mountain they realized they were standing in a huge man-made corridor. Light was coming from glowing crystals and for a moment they forgot the terrible situation they were in. Was this place once built by the Forgotten? Cautiously the three of them started to investigate this strange place. They found rooms, hallways and staircases. As they traveled deeper into the mountain they eventually stumbled upon a large hall filled with treasures. But they were no longer alone. When they tried to take some of the treasures for themselves a gigantic winged beast attacked them. There was nothing the three of them could do but flee.   Months later a wealthy traveler arrived in Sajhdula. He told stories of a place filled with the greatest treasures hidden deep inside Nolh Aev. Yet he always warned his listeners of the perilous journey to get there and the giant winged beast guarding the treasure.
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Historical basis

There is no evidence Trisjk ever existed nor that he lived in Sajhdula. Many adventurers have tried to reach Nolh Aev however. Only few returned. None of the survivors had found a way into the mountain.

The Treasure

According to the legend the treasure of Nolh Aev not only consists of gemstones and precious metals. Ancient weapons and devices are rumored to be hidden away deep inside the mountain. If there is any truth to these rumors it is possible that there are very important scientific discoveries to be made in these old ruins.


Author's Notes

This article was written during Inktober 2019 for the following prompts:
Day 12: Dragon
Day 21: Treasure

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Ooh, nice! Was the winged beast a dragon, or something different entirely, I wonder? This kind of gives me a Skyrim feel, for some reason. It's an intriguing article! Great job. :D

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Thank you! I'm not sure about the winged beast. Maybe there were dragons long ago, or maybe it was a Star Kite. Although those should be extinct. :)

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