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Lindiwa Mountain Range

The Lindiwa, or Lindiwae, is a mountain range in northern Eghea. It runs East to West in an arc and seperates East Eghea from West Eghea. The range has many high peaks which makes land travel near impossible between these continents. The highest peak can be found almost in the center of the range and is called Nolh Aev, which translates to Sky Eater.  
If you want to travel through Lindiwa you better be prepared. Not only the mountain peaks are covered in eternal snow. Many of the passes are snowed under for most of the year as well. You would not be the first to freeze to death in those mountains.
— Well traveled adventurer

Nolh Aev

Sky Eater, the mountain peak whom according to many is the highest on Ealdwyll. Legend says that inside this mountain a vast labyrinth of halls and chambers can be found. Inside them are riches beyond imagination. Guarded by a gigantic winged beast. Many adventurers have tried to reach Nolh Aev. Very few have succeeded. None have found an entrance to these alleged hallways.
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This article was written during Inktober 2019 for the prompt of day 4: Freeze.

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