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Naeve is the smallest of the seven Walled Cities of West Eghea. It lays on the south coast between Yrillia and Sajhdula and is less known than its bigger counterparts.


Naeve before the Pulse

Before The Pulse Naeve was a city originally build by The Forgotten, but inhabited by humans. As with all of the settlements on West Eghea most of the city was turned to rubble and ash due to the destruction of the Pulse. The only structure to withstand the devastation was the Ageless Tower known today as the Tower of Mosaics.

Naeve after the Pulse

Only those who took refuge inside the Tower of Mosaics during the Pulse survived. This decimated its population severely. Yet against all odds, and with a later influx of refugees from other parts of the continent, the city was rebuild.

The reaping of Naeve

In 502 AP Naeve was the scene of one of the largest human massacres by Inflicted creatures in all of West Eghea. It was the first time a city was targeted in such an organised way. The wooden city walls, common among many of the Walled Cities in those days, were no match for the horde. This day, known later as The Reaping of Naeve, was the event that influenced all cities on the continent to start building massive walls around every part of their cities. Hence, the Walled Cities of West Eghea, named for the massive scale of their city walls.  

Rebuilding Naeve

After the Reaping Naeve was left without citizens. For several years it was a desolate testament to the devastating events that took place there. Until a group of nobles from Sajhdula decided to make the city their own. Over the course of many years they started to rebuild Naeve. This time with a much stronger, thicker and higher wall made from stone. Over time more people from elsewhere moved to Naeve in hopes of a better life. It may be the smallest of the seven Walled Cities of West Eghea, but what the city lacks in scale, it more than makes up for with it's quaint street corners, and cozy parks dotted throughout the city. It is one of the most welcoming cities to visit in West Eghea, yet it sees the least amount of tourism out of them all.

The Tower of Mosaics

As all Walled Cities of West Eghea, Naeve too has its own Ageless Tower. It is less known by the general public because the Tower of Mosaics is the least impressive. On the surface that is. For those interested in the early arts of The Forgotten it is a treasure hoard. The tower is filled with hundreds of ageless mosaics once created by the Forgotten. Nowhere on Ealdwyll can we find the scenes depicted in these early pieces of art. The fantastical visions shown in these mosaics are so alien to our eyes, it is clear they are a fiction of the imagination. From landscapes dominated by towers so tall they touch the clouds, to scenes so foreign no one understands what is shown in the mosaic. Very few tourists visit Naeve, and even less visit its Ageless Tower. Even in scientific circles the tower is not very popular. Only a handful of historians, artists and obscurists visit the tower at any given time.
Founding Date
Original date unknown, rebuild in 1 AP
Location under
The Reaping of Naeve
Military Conflict | Jul 19, 2023

A large scale attack by Inflicted on a city. This led to the construction of the walled cities of West Eghea.


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I would visit Naeve to look at the mosaics. They sound amazing.   Such a reslient settlement to survive through all that.

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