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Tiham is one of the Walled Cities of West Eghea. It lies on the west coast about 170 km north from Sajhdula. The city was destroyed during The Pulse and rebuilt at the same location. The city was originally called Aen, but renamed in 679 after the famous mathematician Thalles Tiham. The Ageless Tower of the city is renowned for its importance in the breakthrough towards modern mathematics and geometry.


Year of sorrow

The Pulse meant the end for many settlements in West Eghea. Only those people who managed to seek shelter in one of the seven Ageless Towers survived the disaster. This resulted in the founding of seven new cities built from the remains of the cities that had been destroyed. The first year after this disaster has since been called the Year of Sorrow. It was a time of peril, famine and surviving for the sake of surviving. This was no different for the people of the city called Aen. It is estimated that approximately 90% of its population died during the Pulse or in the first year after. Most of the survivors were scholars who were in the Ageless Tower of Tiham at the moment the catalcysm struck. This did not make things easier and many people died in the aftermath due to famine or lack of protection against The Inflicted who were running rampant on the continent. A small portion of the original population survived this first year. They learned how to built safe homes and managed to live of what the sea had to offer them.

Name Change

In 679 the city formerly known as Aen was renamed to Tiham. The name was given in honor of the world renowned mathematician Thalles Tiham. It marked a new beginning for the city as the first steps were then taken, thanks to Thalles, to change the city layout to one more appropriate for future expanding. The new city wall was also made much taller and wider for extra protection. Around that time the harbor also got a redesign to make it much more suitable for large ships to dock. And for storing large quantities of goods and materials. This proved to be a smart tactic. In the centuries to come Tiham gained a good reputation with trade ships sailing along the west coast of Eghea. It has since become an important trading hub. It's most desired export products are fish, textile and various gemstones.
Founding Date
The original founding date is unknown.
The city was rebuilt between 1 AP and 24 AP.
Large city
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Ageless Towers

The ageless towers of West Eghea are buildings left over from a time long ago. They are called ageless because they are untouched by time. Nothing can damage them. They show no erosion and were not damaged by The Pulse. It is believed they were built by the Forgotten. A mysterious race that lived on Ealdwyll long ago and became extinct thousands of years ago. What makes these towers even more special is that each one seem to have had its own purpose. The ancient technology and knowledge discovered in these towers had a great influence on how the world developed after the Pulse.


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