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Mystwood is an ancient forest in West Eghea. It is all that remains of a much larger forest that once covered a large part of the continent. Most of that forest was destroyed during The Pulse. However, a small portion in the southeast of West Eghea miraculously survived. To distinguish between pre- and post Pulse Mystwood, the former is referred to as Mistwood. The pronunciation for both is the same.

Surviving The Pulse

A mystery that has kept scholars busy for hundreds of years is the question of how this portion of Mistwood survived the destruction caused by the Pulse. Everywhere else, the forest was turned to ash. Not a single tree or plant survived, except for those in Mystwood. This mystery has caused a lot of superstition about the forest. People think evil forces are at work in Mystwood. That anyone who gets near the forest disappears without a trace only adds to this belief.

The Evil Within

Since the Year of Sorrow a deep fear for Mystwood has been instilled in the people of West Eghea. Folklore about the forest can be found all over the continent, but is most profound in Mehrula which lies just a few kilometers west from Mystwood. Tales about mysterious lights and sounds coming from the forest are very common in Mehrula. But it is the combination of surviving the Pulse unscathed, and Inflicted creatures avoiding the area all together, which causes most of the superstition surrounding the forest. Plus the fact that people going near it always disappear. No one has ever gone into those woodlands to come back and tell about it. Especially the disappearance of Jareb Bonavine brought the dangers of this region to the attention of people worldwide.
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Mistwood once covered large parts of West Eghea, before The Pulse destroyed most of it. It was home to many now extinct species, including a sapient humanoid species called Dryandae. The amount of plants and animals that went extinct because of the destruction of Mistwood is estimated to be over 500.000 species. How many species survived in the safety of Mystwood is unknown.


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Jul 17, 2021 13:38 by Vivianne Morena

I feel like I'd want to go near it... and literally just poke a tree and then run away screeching >.< Sounds awesomely mysterious and scary!

Jul 18, 2021 05:57 by Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)

What if the forest screeches back at you? :P Thank you for reading, liking, and commenting! :)

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Haha. :D

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Jul 17, 2021 19:44 by Time Bender

Ooh, it's so nicely creepy! I wouldn't go near it, not if even Inflicted Creatures avoid it. And I really like the fact that people disappear after going near it, it's so eerie! :O

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Thank you. :) Also, it's a very smart choice not to go near it.

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I would want to go in it...but maybe I better read some of the superstitions about it first!

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Dec 1, 2021 05:36 by R. Dylon Elder

Ooo another well done article. I like it. Definitely a lot of mystery. It's sad that so many species went extinct, though.

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Thank you. Yes, it is sad for sure. And often not much is known today about these extinct species.

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