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Ageless Towers

In West Eghea seven towers stand as sentinels on the edges of the continent. Once build by The Forgotten these towers have since been used by many civilizations throughout history. Each tower is unique, yet they all share two features. First, they are Ageless. Second, they are all constructed from the same pale stone with golden specks. What makes these towers even more special is that each one seems to have had its own purpose. And as far as we know, people today use them in much the same way the Forgotten did thousands of years ago. Each tower contains ancient technology and knowledge which had a significant influence on how the world developed after The Pulse. All knowledge that was lost because of the cataclysm was regained much faster than it would have without these towers.
West Eghea
Constructed by
The Forgotten
Construction Date
Over 100.000 years ago


The Astronomers Tower

The Astronomers Tower in Mehrula houses perhaps the most intriguing piece of technology the Forgotten left behind. At the very top of the tower, in a vast room with a dome-shaped ceiling, the world's largest and only telescope can be found. The room's ceiling can be opened and closed with a mechanism. This allows scientists to look through the telescope and view what is beyond our planet. Much of the knowledge we have today about astronomy comes from this tower. The tower also houses countless of star charts and books. As for the telescope, for a long time people have tried to make a similar device with various results. In recent years however, it appears a team in Ghynzua might have found a way to replicate the device.

The Maritime Tower

On the banks of the river Avin lies Yrillia. A huge port city which thrives for a large part on the Heatstone trade. It is perhaps the most fitting city to house The Maritime Tower. For within one can find a wealth of information on anything related to oceans and rivers. Some information, like the old oceans and rivers which have since changed or disappeared, are less relevant for our modern time. While other information led to the creation of modern sea charts, and a better understanding of our oceans. Our ancestors even learned much about crafting ships and boats from the Tower.

The Tower of Mosaics

On the south-coast, in between Yrillia and Sajhdula, lies Naeve. As the smallest of the Walled Cities, it is less known in other parts of the world. Its Ageless Tower perhaps the least impressive of all. However, for those interested in the early arts of The Forgotten the Tower of Mosaics is a treasure hoard. In fact, the mosaics inside the tower are unlike any mosaics found in other locations. Despite this fact, the tower brings very little tourism to the city. Only a few historians, artists, and obscurists can be found visiting the city at any given time. Perhaps the otherworldly scenes depicted in the mosaics have something to do with this lack of interest. In scientific circles it is widely accepted that every mosaic inside the tower portrays a fantastical made up scene. From landscapes dominated by towers so tall they reach into the clouds, to scenes so foreign no one understands what is shown in the mosaic.

The Golden Light Tower

The Golden Light Tower is perhaps the most famous Ageless Tower of West Eghea. It stands on an island south of mainland Sajhdula and is home to the largest collection of ancient documents and manuscripts worldwide. Many of these date back to times far before The Pulse, but the library never stops collecting and keeps adding new documents as they are released. Scholars from all over the world visit this wealth of knowledge in large numbers every year. It is one of the main reasons Sajhdula has so many inns and hostels where visitors to the city and tower can stay. Of course, the other reason is perhaps even more mind-boggling than the library. For the tower is home to the only living Goddess on Ealdwyll, who is known as The Oracle of Sajhdula. For thousands of years she has ruled over the city and held readings for people flocking to the city from all over the world. But this is not where the fame of this extraordinary tower ends. On top of the 500 meter tall tower sits a Crystal Light so large and bright it has functioned as a navigational aid for ships since ancient times. In fact, It shines so bright that during cloudless nights its light can be seen all the way from the top of the Ageless Tower of Tiham 170 km north of Sajhdula.

The Ageless Tower of Tiham

The Ageless Tower of Tiham is most renowned for the knowledge it contains regarding mathematics and geometry. It has been the headquarters of the Order of Numbers for over two thousand years though. Giving them a monopoly over who has access to this knowledge. Anyone seeking access to the tower will need to gain the Order's approval to do so. In this regard they can count many of the best mathematicians amongst their rank. Because in order to study the highest levels of mathematics, one needs to become a member of the Order of Numbers. Over time, scholars have secretly copied manuscripts from the tower, so many universities in other parts of the world now have access to at least the lower level study material from the Ageless Tower of Tiham.

The Glass Tower

The most iconic landmark in the city of Cidale is the Glass Tower. It is a tall tower with a central cylindrical base. Around this base a great number of terraces are sticking out at various heights. Each terrace has a glass dome ceiling, allowing sunlight to shine freely inside. These rooms house large planting beds. For a long time this structure stood unused. People did not know what its function was since the tower went out of use, probably after the extinction of the Forgotten. Scholars figured out though how to use the tower and its irrigation system. New soil was added to the beds in the year 987 AP and shortly after the first seeds and plants were added. Over time the giant greenhouse became so productive that it offers jobs for much of the population. Cidale exports over half of its produce from the tower to other Walled Cities in West Eghea.

The Bone Vault

Situated at the edge of The Frozen City of Ishdal stands a tower called the Bone Vault. It houses the largest collection of skeletons from different species worldwide, many of which are extinct now, or have evolved into new species over time. The place offers a unique opportunity to scholars to study species from long ago. The tower also houses a library with books about these species, often with detailed colored sketches. The only downside is the language most of these books are written in. Old Ealdorian has not yet been translated, so only a few of these documents can be read. The sketches however offer plenty of useful information for scholars with an interest in evolution and/or extinct species.

The Eight Tower

Rumor has it that there might be eight towers instead of seven. In The Ruins of Serralon stands a tower which houses a map of Ealdwyll from so long ago, the continents where not the same then as they are now. The reason it isn't officially counted as an Ageless Tower is because it is not ageless. Time has taken its toll on the tower, albeit less than it has on the city surrounding it. It is very difficult to study these ruins as most people who venture to the location disappear without a trace. Mystwood is seen as the culprit. As the only leftover part of a much larger ancient forest it encloses Serralon, except for where the ruins meet the sea. It is assumed that something inside the forest causes people to go missing.


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