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The Glyph

Deep in the wilderness of West Eghea lies a labyrinthine region known as The Glyph. Prior to the Pulse there was no mention of this geographical feature in ancient texts. Which led many scientists to believe The Glyph was most likely formed by the cataclysm.  


The Glyph is a circular region approximately 46 km wide. It features a series of ravines which are arranged in such a way that from above it looks as if someone has stamped a symbol into the ground.
  To the south lies the city of Akkash. It is the only inland city of West Eghea and was built for the sole purpose of quarrying heatstone. This unique type of stone can only be found on the borders of The Glyph.  

Fauna and Flora

Although there are no plants to be found in the ravines there are plenty of Inflicted who make the region dangerous to visit. Several of these Inflicted are unique to this region and can not be found anywhere else.  

Cataclysmic Link

From the moment the world had recovered from The Pulse people tried to find a way to find the place where it originated from. In the last 3000 years uncountable expeditions have navigated their way across the rivers of West Eghea. On one such expedition The Glyph was discovered. Most scientists believe that the epicenter of The Pulse can be found in the middle of this vast labyrinth. However no one has ever managed to reach the center of The Glyph, at least no one who was able to tell about it afterwards.
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