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Basket Case

Basket Case is a store in Mehrula selling handmade baskets, boxes, and suitcases. It was originally opened and owned by Etran Bonavine and his wife Altea Leniva. At that time the store was named Bonavine Baskets. After the death of Altea and Etran their four daughters took over the shop. Several years later the shops name was changed to Basket Case.


Starting Out

In 3352 the newly wed Etran and Altea opened a small shop on the ground floor of their house. Even though he was only twenty at the time Etran was known in their neighbourhood as a very capable and artistic basket weaver. They named their shop Bonavine Baskets, and Altea tended the store so her husband could focus solely on his craft. Their shop was such a succes that Jareb's daughters later learned the craft from their father and joined the family business. Their son Jareb, their youngest child, did not share the passion for basket weaving and became a famous explorer instead.

Family business

The Bonavine children inherited their parents home and shop in 3376 after Etran's death. The youngest daughter and brother where too young at the time and where taken in by Renja and her husband who lived in their own home next door. Initially Jevina and Reya tended the shop while their siblings did help with the basket weaving. Over time though it was Renja who most often tended the store while her younger sisters started to create woven boxes and suitcases which became their bestselling products.

Name Change

When they started selling boxes and suitcases alongside the well known baskets customers started to name these new items basket cases. The name became so popular that the shop was eventually renamed to Basket Case. Over time some of the daughters children became involved in the family business as well. They started weaving trunks, lanterns, mats, and headwear. Those are now among the most popular items sold in the store.


Original Building

Basket Case is situated in a three-story townhome on Old Center Square. The original house was renovated for the shop before Jareb and his wife moved in. With the shop and storage room taking up the ground floor, the family's living space was found on the first and second floor. There was also a small garden at the back of the house which was often used by Jareb to make his baskets.


As the years went by, and the Bonavine children inherited the shop, the items they sold became more diverse. They started creating lidded boxes of various sizes, and eventually even woven trunks and suitcases. Year after year their inventory grew until it became clear the shop became too small. Renja lived next door however and so the sisters decided to merge the groundfloors of both houses for their business. While Renja and her family still live on the first and second floor of their home, their groundfloor is now part of the shop. The gardens of both houses have been merged as well.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Bonavine Baskets
Shop, Generic
Parent Location


  • Baskets
  • Woven boxes with a lid
  • Woven suitcases
  • Woven trunks
  • Lanterns
  • Mats
  • Hats

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    Basket Case won Best Building in WorldEmber 2020.

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    Dec 12, 2020 19:18

    A very quaint little article. Love the simplicity of it. And the pun is top grade.

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    Thank you. :)

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    Omg yes. This was delightfully unexpected. First, lemme say that naming this shop basket case is a stroke of genius. Lol. I'm curious why the name changed though. Ohhhh ok so I'm leaving that there to show how well organized it is and thorough it was. I had a question and it was answered. Well done. I love mom and pop shops. They have this lovely aesthetic and the history behind them is always more and more interesting the longer they've been around. You captured that beautifully!

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    Thank you. :)

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    Lovely layout, lovely pun! ^_^

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    Thank you. :)

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    Love this place so much, I want to work there so bad, it sounds so lovely. Is there anyway at all I can open an interdimensional portal and get hired there?

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    You can always try. :D Thank you very much!

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    This sounds like such a lovely place to work. I love that they expanded their inventory beyond baskets. <3

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    Thank you for the pun. I love the natural progression of the family business and how it grows and expands over the generations. Now I must know where their other son adventured. Off to find out!

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