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Following the discovery of Heatstone fortune seekers soon flocked to the location of its discovery. Initially many small settlements rose up in the area around the heatstone quarry. This turned out to be a very dangerous situation because of the many inflicted creatures living in the area. It became clear to everyone involved that they were in need of a walled city like those on the shores of West Eghea.
— Excerpt from the Walled Cities of West Eghea

Against all odds

Before the founding of Akkash no one had ever thought it possible for a city to thrive deep within the dangerous wilderness of West Eghea. Yet against all odds the founders of Akkash managed to built a city strong enough to withstand the dangers lurking in the shadows. Its walls are 21 metres high and 5 metres thick. New sections of the wall get built with every expansion of the city. The layout developed by the founders accommodates with this need to expand. The city lies on the banks of the river Avin which is their main water supply and connection to the rest of the world. The heatstone they quarry is transported to Yrillia over this river.


The city started out with a population consisting of people working at the stone quarry, or providing whatever those workers needed. Food, clothes, protection, and so much more. Later on the prospect of starting over in a newly built city drew in many people from all over the world. This made Akkash a multicultural hub and so far this has worked remarkably well. Due to its close proximity to places like the Glyph or the Blue Marshes the city drew in many scholars, scientists and obscurists. Today the city is a mix of colors, cultures, religions and professions. A baker is as important to the people here as a member of the city council.
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Safety First

To protect the massive heatstone quarry against the attacks of predators or inflicted a wall was built around it. Work on it started in 3392 and was completed in 3403. The wall around the quarry is guarded at all times. It is 3 metres thick and 9 metres high. The guards patrol on top of it.

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