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The Forgotten

Written by Master Historian Gharun Dolhaim

Long before humans ruled Ealdwyll a species of extraordinary humanoids occupied the eghean landmass. Their civilization was so advanced that even in our modern times we can not fully replicate the ageless technologies they left behind. To most this species is known as The Forgotten. In scientific circles they are called the Ealdorians. Although we may know much about them, there is still so much we do not know, still so much to uncover. They were the ones who came before us, the ones who shaped our civilization and many before us.

Those who came before

The Ealdorians lived over hundred thousand years ago. When exactly they went extinct is still a mystery, but we do know they were no longer present when The Pulse hit. As for their ancestors, we have yet to uncover their precursor, so it is impossible to determine how they evolved over time. What we do know is that our human species has no common ancestor with them.

What did they look like?

Scholars have studied the remains of the Forgotten in both the Frozen Necropolis and their later burial sites. This tells us they were in many ways like us, but at the same time different. For example they were slender and taller than the modern day human. Despite their seemingly fragile build however they did not suffer from broken bones any more than us humans. In fact, the opposite seems true. Very few of the bone fragments we found show sings of a fracture, healed or otherwise.   Their skulls were slightly elongated and larger in the back. This seems to suggest they had a larger brain. If this made any difference intelligence wise is unknown. They also had bigger eyes than us humans and longer noses. This is especially visible in the remains found in the Frozen Necropolis. Skin colors seemed to vary as much as in humans, except they had a blueish tint to their skin. Hair colors varied from pure white to deep red.


Social Structure

The Ealdorians likely lived in tight knit communities. Possibly up to several thousand individuals made their home in cities surrounding the main buildings. It is hard to determine how large these communities where however since only the ageless buildings survived The Pulse. Places like Iweha Aethim and the Frozen Necropolis were an exception. They were build underground and therefor managed to escape the destruction. Leaving us with at least some clue as to the size and structure of these communities.

Art & music


The Last Ealdorians

In the Frozen Necropolis the only known preserved corpses of Ealdorians can be found. They are ageless, as are most of the relics left over from this civilization. Most historians believe they might have been the last of their kind. What made them go extinct, and why they were preserved this way is a mystery we still try to figure out to this day. That does not even touch on the question who preserved them, if they truly were the last of their kind, nor why there is one empty burial table.
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Scientific Name
Ealdorian(s)   Alternative Names
The Forgotten
The First   Origin/Ancestory


No one remembers where the name Ealdorian came from, but it is widely accepted the name stems from our planet being named Ealdwyll.
Condition | Apr 29, 2021

Untouched by time. Showing no sings of erosion or damage.

Frozen Necropolis
Building / Landmark | Jun 8, 2023

The largest underground cemetery worldwide, and the only one where intact bodies of the Forgotten can be found.


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