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Dream Moss

Native to the caves of East Eghea's most northern mountain range, dream moss can only be found in the territories of The Northern Clans. It is taboo though for anyone except their shamans to harvest it. For despite its name dream moss is not as innocent as one would think.


For those unaware of the properties of dream moss it looks like regular moss with some luminescence thrown into the mix. It grows in large thick chunks on cave floors and walls and spreads a faint blue light. There is no harm in being near dream moss as long as you don't touch, ingest or smoke it.

Method Effect
Ingestion (tea,...)
Lethal. It poisons the brain and slowly turns it to mush.
Skin to moss contact
The victim has frightening hallucinations in which they perceive the world beyond the Veil of the Afterlife.
Smoking dried dream moss
While in this state people are incapable of thinking. They become savage, prone to extreme violence and no longer able to recognize their loved ones.


The Northern Clans use dream moss as a way of punishing people. Depending on the end result wanted people are forced to drink dream moss tea or are forced to smoke dried dream moss. Those who are forced to drink the tea will suffer for days while their brain is transformed to mush. Most agree though that this is better than the alternative. Those who are forced to smoke dream moss are sometimes chained to prevent them from harming anyone. Many suffer terrible wounds from the chains however, since they will struggle relentlessly against their bonds until the effects of the smoke wears off. Others are less fortunate. After being intoxicated they are locked in a cage with one or more of their closest family members. They remain there until they have returned back to normal and are able to realize that the carnage in the cage is their own doing.
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Dream moss harvest is exclusively the domain of the shamans of the Northern Clans. The harvest is highly ritualized and only happens while the moon is dark. Due to the toxic nature of the moss the shamans use special equipment to prevent intoxication.


Shamanistic Ritual

During a full moon the shamans of the Northern Clans perform a ritual so obscure that not much is known about it. According to what little information adventurers have been able to gather it involves touching dream moss. This allows the shaman to cross through the Veil to the afterlife and communicate with the dead.


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