The Crying Spoonland

Spoonland is a large country in southeastern Gala. It has a long history, although its records only become clearer after the Spoonish Invasion some time in the middle ages. One of the most famous features of Spoonland, after perhaps its lax drug laws, is its geography. Long said to resemble a wolf's head, the shape of the country has left cartographers confused as to how its origin developed.   Yet on top of the bizarre shape of the country, there is also the odd stream of water which drains into the sea. Near the northernmost part of the country, below the "wolf's ear" lies a small mountain range. The range makes up what is known as the "wolf's brow." From here rain-water collects into streams and flows south. Much of this water ends up in Lake Eleshdi, also known as the "wolf's eye." Finally, it is from here that the tears are formed. The lake drains in a manner to the south that is reminiscent of tears which leave the eye. This bitter rivers ends its course in Spoon Bay, or the "wolf's mouth."   This odd feature of Spoonish geography has lent itself to much of Spoonish folklore and mythology. Additionally, the Spoonish capital of Ma'i Juwana is positioned at the "wolf's eye" where it can receive trade from a little farther upstream and also ship down the river towards the sea.   There seems to be a common sentiment among the Spoonish population that the "crying wolf" is representative of their condition on the planet. The ever-flowing tears of the wolf represent the Spoons' endemic sadness, and helps them to explain, or rationalize, their extreme drug usage.   The tears of the wolf is navigable, and has facilitated trade between upland Spoonland and the sea for many centuries. This fact has led it to become an important waterway, but its reach unfortunately does not help to integrate it into the west of Gala and forces them to connect to Shaluach and the southern Hamil Ainsolof, instead.


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