Salt Spire Mountains

The wilds beyond the eastern frontier are not empty. There are barbaric tribes and peoples in small kingdoms, cities and villages. Some are like Ghyddyhap between the Taurien Kingdoms and the Imperial Frontier where many species of creatures share dwellings in a single community. Some are old Esereti kingdoms. There are ancient temples and strange traditions.
If one travels north of the Taurien kingdoms and beyond the eastern frontier on the north there is the city of Brinesariqua on the edge of an inland brine swamp. They export salt and excellent fishes from the swamp. The backwards local peoples worship fearsome small gods of Storm, Ice, and Forest. The dominant deity is the Goddess of Night who arches over the world wrapped in a garment of stars.
Eastward, beyond the bogs, rise the Salt Spire Mountains. The Blue spire is said to be the home of the local gods and goddess and is sacred. The peoples around the base valleys have sheltered fertile lands with good water. They make offerings to the Sphinx who are said to be servants of the Gods. The region is difficult to navigate - even the most seasoned and experienced become disoriented and find themselves emerging far from any course up the mountain. It is said the Sphinx dwell in a secret and lost city somewhere on the mountain. Navigation is not the only hazard - the sphinx do not favor strangers and the mountains of the Salt Spires are rumored to be home to many demonic Rakshasa that hunt any out after dark. The local people say the Rakshasa are proud and vain hunters and it is possible to avoid their predation by ringing a bell as one travels, to wear clothes inside out or twisted and to praise and honor any Rakshasa encountered - it being beneath them to hunt stupid people and simpletons while their pride and vanity is fed by praise of their cunning, skills and hunting ability. It is common that criminals of any type may be left outside of village walls at night, armed with a dagger.
Travelogue of Hinru Tzaki, adventurer.


The Salt Spires are the northern cluster of a small mountain chain some 100 to 120 miles west of the Whitefall Mountains to the Far East. They are surrounded by Tundra and Taiga, with small grass lands to the east and the Brine swamp to the southwest.  Many rivers are salty and red salt can be mined from veins in the hills and the mountains.

Localized Phenomena

The Blue Spire is known to cause disorientation and confusion in any who venture up it's slopes. It is safe to travel the low passes and valleys and magnets work normally. Once upon the mountain proper magnets spin and all sense of direction is lost. Even tracking the sun fails.  The locals say it is the angry gods.  This power of confusion is typical of mighty place spirits.  It seems likely that shamen or Olien Druids may have traveled here and may have been in contact with the spirits but the locals attribute it to the local gods.
There have been occasional reports of a hidden lost city.  Cresting a height or rounding a bend a tunnel is found and the city visible.  Sphinx confront the travelers and tell them if they enter they must stay. Some have said they have entered, found the residents a mix of peoples and species under the rule of the Sphinx.  They say there are blue cat's eyes watching everywhere and all is peaceful there, under the white towers of the Sphinx.  The entries to the city change and expeditions sent to find the city are lost and confused, find nothing or vanish without a trace.

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