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Himinbjorg, Mountain of the Storm

In the frigid isles of Aasveig, a great many locales remain shrouded in mystery and legend. The Aasveigan Pantheon of demigod figures is a breeding ground for a great many rumors and myths, and the Maor people live in awe and fear of their gods. And even among the different legendary vistas of Aasveig, Himbjorg, Mountain of the Storm, holds a place of high regard.   Himinbjorg is situated centrally among the Fjallmuðr, the mountain range that dominates the glacier-eroded, islet-ridden northwestern coast of Aasveig's biggest island, Jarneyna. It is easily the tallest peak in all of Aasveig, reaching several miles into the skies of the frigid north, and rising several thousand feet above even the other mountains of Fjallmuðr. Constant thunderstorms shroud the greatest heights of Himinbjorg, holding resolute among even the skin-shredding winds that whip about the higher reachs of the mountain.   To some Maor, Himinbjorg is a foreboding spectre hanging on the horizon, especially members of the Clan of the Wolf. But to others, specifically the Clan of the Bear, Himinbjorg's great shadow is one of comfort, and it provides a constant reminder that their patron god, Bjarnófærr, watches over them.  

Himinbjorg's Legend

A great many legends and rumors surround the highest peak in Aasveig, shrouding it in greater mystery than even the storms surrounding it can achieve. But chief among tales of ancient wyrms and esoteric giants is the belief that Bjarnófærr, Bear of Thunder and one of the gods of the Aasveigan Pantheon, calls Himinbjorg's peak his home. The details of that can be found here.

Isolated Beyond Reason

Himinbjorg is shrouded in mystery and legend for good reason. Only the bravest explorer can reach even its base, as a trek more than a few miles into Fjallmuðr is one destined to be fraught with danger. But reaching the base is the easiest part. Ancient ruins and their ancient inhabitants (new and original) dot the mountainside of Himinbjorg, whipped by the winds that tear across the mountainside. Said wind is an even greater threat than even the inhabitants of the mountain as one gets higher and higher up. Few attempt to climb Himinbjorg, and even fewer return alive (and those who do survive return with the shame of failure), but those few survivors tell of winds so strong that they chill you to the bone and threaten to flay the very skin off your body. And then there's the ever-present, ominous storms at the peak. And so, even after the thousand-and-then-some years that the Maor have called Aasveig their home, Himinbjorg remains an ominous location shrouded in half-truths and myths.
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