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Glowing Lake

This was inspired by the World Anvil Summer Camp of 2021. This is for the article: An Area or Geographical Landmark Wrapped In Myth, Legend, or Superstition.

Beware The Glowing Lake. It is poisonous.
— A member of the Apollo Adventurers Guild
The Glowing Lake beneath Glow City is a mysterious body of water located deep beneath the city's ruins. It is said to be the source of the city's radioactive energy and the birthplace of the Anubian Crystal. The lake's waters are a vibrant, glowing green color, and are said to possess healing properties. Many of the city's inhabitants believe that the lake is a sacred site and that it holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the Great Explosion that destroyed the city long ago. The lake is also home to many mutated creatures, making it a dangerous place for anyone who ventures too deep.  


Glowing Lake is located beneath the city of Glow City. It is a large, radioactive lake that is the source of the city's power. The lake is surrounded by a network of tunnels and caves, which are used for mining the valuable Anubian Crystal that can be found within the lake. The water itself is highly toxic and is known to cause mutations and other strange effects in those who come into contact with it. The lake is also home to a variety of mutated aquatic life, such as glowing fish and giant crayfish. The shores of the lake are dotted with small, radioactive hot springs, and there are also several geysers that periodically erupt and release steam and radioactive gases into the air.  


The Glowing Lake is a unique and mysterious body of water located beneath the ruins of Glow City. It is said to be the source of the city's power, as well as the source of the radioactive material that mutated the creatures and plants of the surrounding Deadlands.   Geographically, the lake is located at the bottom of a deep crater created by The Great Explosion that destroyed Alton City. The lake is surrounded by steep, jagged cliffs that can only be accessed by a small number of treacherous paths. The water itself is a bright, radioactive green, and is said to glow even brighter at night.   The ecosystem of the Glowing Lake is unlike anything found elsewhere on the continent of Renga. The water is teeming with strange and mutated creatures, many of which have adapted to survive in the highly radioactive environment. Some of the species found in the lake include Glowing fish, radioactive crabs, and luminescent eels. The lake also has a variety of aquatic plants that have adapted to the radioactive environment, such as glowing seaweed, and iridescent lily pads.


The main biological organisms are resistant to the radiation within the lake. The last study around the lake revealed these species: Albino River Dolphins, Albino Crustaceans, Albino Fish, Giant Albino Snakes, Glowing Slimes, and various black aquatic plants . The Albino Fish and Glowing Slimes seem to be the main food source for the animals that make up the lake. The fish and slimes seem to feed on the aquatic plants.
Type: Lake
Region: Continent of Renga 

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