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Sori Ilaz (SOHR'EE il'AHZ)

The people in the northeastern portion of the Eoion Empire, much like the rest of the country, have their own regional Dea. The origin of Sori Ilaz comes from the story of one such person.   Ulanna Kesako is said to have tamed the giant scorpion, Soriin, form which the bay gets its name. The monster terrorized the people living around the open waters of the northern ocean, killing any who came too close to its lair. Many warriors went to fight Soriin, but all were killed. Desperate for help, the people called for Ulanna, a famous Fusion magic user and priestess of Bolugama for help. When she arrived, she was regaled with stories of brave warriors and esh dying at the hands of the monster.   After gathering enough information, she set out in search of the monster. What she found was a creature roaming the coastline in search of food and calling down the storms to help drive fish to its cave home.   Using her magic, she placed her consciousness into Soriin, communicating with it. Through her calm, soothing words, she calmed the monster and, when she separated from it, led Soriin back to the town. There, she defended the monster against the people and brokered a deal between them.   Soriin would protect the bay and drive fish toward the village so they could fill their nets. In return, the villagers would leave the largest fish of each catch at an alter for the scorpion.   The village and Soriin kept their partnership for many years until the scorpion died, but its magic lived on, driving fish into the bay year round. Its body rested around the bay, creating the scorpion tail shape that is still seen today. Even though Soriin has long since died, the villages around the bay continue to make offerings in it memory.


The bay is shaped like a scorpion tail in the northeaster part of the Eoion Empire empire and surrounds the most fish infested area of the empire.
Alternative Name(s)
Scorpion Bay
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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