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Silver Lake

Silver lake is a pool of solid magical silver located in a wilderness area of Uthrangir.  


The origin of the Silver Lake lies further north, in the ruined elven city of Nagusacktem. While the city was besieged by Shifters, an escape tunnel was dug beneath the plateau the city was built upon running many miles to the south. The exact length was unknown, but survivors describe being underground for nearly two days before exiting the tunnel. When the Shifter forces broke through the city's defenses, nearly half the populace was able to escape through the tunnel while the remainder were slaughtered by the shifters. Cut off from the escape tunnel and desiring revenge against the shifters, Grand Wizard Althrath Nornath led the High Cabal of Archmages in a ritual that drained the great cray the city was built and top of and funneled the magical energy through the mages to create the Argent Storm. Clouds gathered above the doomed city and began to rain molten silver. As the rain grew into a torrent the shifters tried to retreat from their greatest weakness pouring down on them, but it was too late. Every shifter who entered the city died in burning agony and the molten metal started a number of secondary fires, consuming the city's combustible materials and denying much plunder to the shifters even after the storm ended.  
As the metal flowed through the city it poured into the tunnel entrance, which was located at the lowest point in Nagusacktem. This prevented the shifters from using the tunnel to escape and removed the silver from the city. The magic metal flowed through the tunnel and out its mouth, collecting in a depression slightly below the tunnel opening. The metal eventually hardened into the solid lake known today.   

Finding the Silver Lake

One of the mysterious properties of the Sliver Lake is that it is unusually difficult to find, especially on purpose. While some people have come across it while looking for the lake, most travelers happen across it by accident when travelling through the wilderness. Most travelers don't realize when they enter the lake, only noticing partway through that instead of walking on snow over ground they are walking on snow over metal. An unknown number probably cross the lake completely unaware, unless the wind blows the snow away enough for the surface to shine through. If a visitor desires they can remove some silver from the lake, and those who try find that it is much easier to pry or cut chunks out of the solid silver than it should be.    While it seems every seasoned traveler in Uthrangir has a story of the time they happened upon the lake, another quirk of the lake is that no person has been able to find it a second time. Those fortunate few who find the lake will never set eyes on it again.   

Silver Lake Silver

Silver taken from the Silver Lake is innately magical. In most cases this means the metal takes further enchantment easier. Silver from the lake is especially sought after for making moonsteel. Silver Lake silver does have additional damaging properties against shifters. This can be difficult to observe, since all silver weapons are highly damaging to shifters, but weapons made from lake silver can kill all but the toughest shifter in a single blow.   Because of its value and most people's unfamiliarity with the material, counterfeit lake silver can be found throughout Uthrangir. The conman only needs to enchant mundane silver to reflect a slight aura of magic and most people will not be able to tell it from real lake silver. One way to tell the difference is that the magical resonance tends to be different. True lake silver resonates anger, burning, and sadness, while counterfeit silver will tend to resonate greed and the emotions of the caster.


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