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Sacred plain is wide plain near the mountains at the east edge of Land of the Ruler. It is debated over whether the plain is actually part of wilderness or the inhabited area as there are no longer settlements in the plain and people rarely go there.

Sacred plain is located well above sea level and the climate there is colder than in lower areas. The winds frequently blow from the mountains across the plain making the air feel even colder than it actually is.

The soil there is fertile nutrition rich mixture of mollisol and peat soil that provides excellent substrate for growing plants and gives the plains their damp and earthy odor. The soil Inside the vegetation here and there lies bits of ruins of old farmland settlements. Across the plain there flows a net of small streams of water that are formed by frequent rains in mountains. The courses of water streams vary through time and wet fine soil forms swamp eyes near the streams.

In the middle of the plain there grows colossal ancient oak tree also known as Tree of Adelyn. The tree is the most prominent figure in the plain as it can be seen anywhere in the plain. The tree also serves as natural sundial as its shadow moves with sun across the plain.

Ecosystem Cycles

There are distinct differences between the day and night life in Sacred plain. At the day there are lots of butterflies, bees and small birds flying around, and the most common sound of the area is happy chirping of the birds and buzzing of the bees. Occasionally there echoes the low sound of large animals measuring their strength with each other. When the evening starts to set and the sky glows in vibrant colors the swarms of mosquitoes start to fly around. It is also the most active time of the plain as the diurnal animals starts to withdraw to their hiding places and nocturnal animals starts to go out. At the night the mist rises from the moisture and thousands of fireflies start their dance over the plains, the frogs start their croaking and there can be occasional hoot of owl or howling of the wolves. The night is also the most dangerous time for people to be in the plain as there are many large predators lurking in the darkness. The morning starts the cycle all over again.

Unlike most of the area there are distinct difference between the seasons in Sacred plains, because of the high altitude the plains are located in. The summers are warm and rainy, and the plain is buzzing with life. When the weather cools and dry autumn comes the leaves of Tree of Adelyn changes colors to different shades of yellow, red and brown. The some of the birds and animals start to leave the plains for winter and other make frantic storing of food or preparations for their hibernation. The winter of Sacred plains is cold and strong winds howl across the plain and the creatures form the mountains start to make their visits to the plain. The snow often covers the ground, but not always. Those snowless winters are especially hard for the wildlife as there is no protecting cover and constantly melting and freezing water consumes the soil and damages the roots of plants. Also the animals that changes for winter coats are now visible against dark landscape. When the weather start to warm the mating season begins bringing disorder to once seemingly serene landscape. The spring brings back the warmth, rains and migrated animals. The nature wakes and the new generation is born.

Dawn At Sacred Plains
by Nanzku

Localized Phenomena

There is divine magic floating in the area, because of the massacre that once happened there. It is said that the leaves of Tree of Adelyn emit the whispers and wailing of those that died there and the wind carries the sound across the plain. The sound is told to drive people insane. There is also tales of ghost of the dead wandering the plain. This is told to happen when the strong winds first blow in the area and then suddenly stop and the whole atmosphere of the plain is oddly serene and quiet. The ghost are benevolent towards those with gentle heart, but malevolent towards those with grim heart.

Fauna & Flora

There are no other trees growing in Sacred plain than Tree of Adelyn. Some say it is, because of the divine magic in the tree (see: Curse of Sacred plain, other that the wild animals now roaming the plain eats any sapling that roots there. So, the vegetation of Sacred plain is mostly formed of evergreen grasses, hays, sedges, fescues, clovers and perennial flowers. The There are also vast amount of different types of mosses growing in the wet areas. Shallow bushes and shrubs growing in the plain provide shelter and berries for the birds and animals.

Sacred plain provides habitat for diverse group of animals from tiny harvest mice and chipmunks eating the seeds to large aurochs and wild horses foraging the area. With herbivores comes the predators and also they vary from small stoats and snakes to large wolves and bears. The larger predators and herbivores protecting their offspring are real threats to people coming to Sacred plain, and one should not go to area unarmed.

The water streams swarms with insects, frogs, toads and larger ones have small fishes in them. This provide birds like herons and swallows lots of food. There are also lots of insects, small birds, rodents and bats living in Tree of Adelyn. So all in all Sacred plain is home to vast amount of different species.


Before The Great War  the area, where Sacred plain is now located, used to be very active farmland with small bustling villages scattered around. The war demolished the villages and area around them. The place is thought to be the death place of goddess of wind Adelyn and thus been sacred or cursed, so no people has come to live in the area and it has been left to the wildlife.


The sacred plain is shrine of Advocates of Adelyn, that periodically pilgrim to Sacred plain to hang wind chimes to Tree of Adelyn. Sometimes an advocate of Adelyn facing personal crisis might take a personal trip to the tree searching for enlightenment or consolation. Other people rarely travel to the plain as they are known to be dangerous, regardless of whether one believes the curse or not.
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Cursed plain
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