Oseshadha is the common name used to refer to a region that borders the northeast of Tsrach and which is framed by the Ethoc River to the east and the Mercenary's Friend to the north. While nominally part of the rough amalgam of a nation that Tsrach could be considered, Oseshadha is often shown distinctly on maps and no one from Tsrach has reported venturing into Oseshadha and returning in recent memory.   While much of Tsrach is wastes, caves, rocky terrain, and desert, with some few daunting forests between, Oseshadha is more akin to a tropical rainforest complete with massive trees, large ferns, colourful wildlife, and regular rainstorms. Oseshadha is also rumoured to be a place of great magical power, though that may be a byproduct of the long-held myths that surround the land.   In most nations, Oseshadha is considered to be a hostile oasis in a land of hostility. While there are many stories about Oseshadha, there is one legend that is told the most often by those speaking of the place. The legend goes that when Teyvank were still the main peoples who occupied Laerdt'nah, Tsrach was a land of rich fields, plentiful gems, and calm and warm climate. One day, a group of people from the south (sometimes told as from Mesle) appeared over the horizon, bringing with them slaves and creatures that the Teyvank had never seen before. Leading the new group was a "woman of brilliant light", sometimes thought to be a light elemental. She spoke with the Teyvank, indicating that they would like to settle in this beautiful place and live peacefully with the Teyvank. They agreed, and a small camp was established for this new group. But soon, the Teyvank realized that whatever the newcomers touched would die or would not grow back. Soon, the fields became bare, the gems in the caves turned to coal or granite, and the weather grew more volatile. When discussing how to address these issues, the Teyvank decided to move in the middle of one night, shifting further north and to the east. After setting up their new camp, the newcomers followed, because the old land was no longer bountiful to live in. These moves kept occurring, until one time when the Teyvank threatened the newcomers, telling them not to follow or they would attack. The newcomers stayed away for nearly an eoch before the land became useless and they appeared over the horizon once again. The Teyvank did attack the newcomers, wounding many and killing the "woman of brilliant light". However, when she died, a pulse emanated from her body that destroyed the landscape far and wide, and the Teyvank had to travel for weeks before they found the pocket of forest that remained in Oseshadha. The man who had spoken to the "woman of bright light", who felt responsible for all that had occurred, cast a powerful spell that bound his blood to the soil and water of Oseshadha, but which also prevented others from entering the forest and which gave birth to terrifying monsters that would attack anyone who attempted to enter. But what he didn't realize that any Teyvank who left would also be unable to return.   The rumour that remains is that the Teyvank live on in Oseshadha, but no one has been able to confirm if any of the Teyvank remain. The legend is particularly striking for the fact that it tells of the Teyvank as people, rather than as magical beings, gods, or mythical creatures.


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