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The Wandering Mountain

From the Personal Journal of Alistair Douglas

Lupine Bay is a very curious place, a development I did not expect when my assignment was given. Now that I have severed ties to my Coterie in favor of settling here, I will endeavor to undertake a serious examination of the locale.   Although there are many unnatural types of flora and geographic features present in the area, the most notable is certainly what is known by the locals as “The Wandering Mountain.” It is a mountain so completely out of place that even the humans have noticed. To be honest, I’m surprised there aren’t more human researchers out here, studying the area and rewriting all the science they think they know.   This mountain exists not far outside of the bay, in a tiny coastal town in Oregon, where no mountain belongs. But even if one had ‘wandered’ over from the Cascade range, it is not a Cascadian mountain. Wagering an educated guess, it looks similar in composition to ranges in the far south, perhaps the Imeri Mountains for instance.   The other notable feature of this ‘wrong’ mountain is that it’s very active. Checking the local news archives reveals reports of this mountain going back decades - reports of it changing shape or moving tens of feet in various directions, neither of which are features of a natural mountain.   There’s no obvious bank of magic stored in or around this ‘Wandering Mountain’ but I suspect that is only due to dampening spells. I can’t imagine any natural reason that could account for its entirely unnatural nature. But that begs the question, what kind of magic might be stored within its hidden depths? I have endevored to explore a bit, as distasteful as the idea is, but any time I get near, I find myself unable to continue, overcome by foreboding. This indicates “stay away” spells are in effect, as well as dampeners. And powerful ones.   Based on my findings so far, it almost feels as though the mountain can only be the lair of a Terra Dragon, perhaps even a pureblood. But there are so few pureblood dragons left, that’s almost less likely than an Imeri mountain parked on the edge of the Oregon coast.   I will update this log with additional details if/when I gather them.


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