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Long Mountains

The biggest mountain range in the Jolundrian continent, named after an ancient myth.

The aptly named Long Mountains are an extensive mountain range that spans the majority of the continent of Jolundria. Its iconic jagged horizon can be seen throughout the Empire and is well known for having one of the oldest myths in Melior.  

The Sleeping Peaks

Every child of The Jolundrian Empire grows up knowing the tale of the ancient mythological dragon called Long, named so for their very long tail that they used to pull the star blanket across the sky each night.   Thousands of years ago as Long flew over Jolundria, they noticed that one night their star blanket was being pierced by fire hail from beyond the moon. As they looked down upon the world of Melior, they saw scorched, pock-marked lands. Long saw the most peculiar thing beneath them, their own massive shadow - getting darker and darker.   In the blink of an eye as Long looked over their shoulder up to the storm of celestial fire hail above, a blinding shard hurtled towards Long's head and struck them unconscious, sending them into a deep protective sleep.   The dragon fell to Jolundria, it's wings covered the land and stopped the rain from falling in their shadow, and it's jagged spine and tail formed the Long Mountains. The tail of the dragon draped into the Asterean Sea and became the Isles of Agatal.  

Draconic Dreaming

Why hasn't Long woken up yet?
The dragon is very much still alive and is probably in a deep dream state. The ground shifts as Long twitches in their sleep, and their ancient wounds from the fire hail that struck their body periodically open up and spill molten hot dragon blood into the soil of Jolundria. When the mountains rumble, Long is hungry.

The Star Blanket

What happened to the star blanket?
The tale of the star blanket varies wildly within the countries of Jolundria. Some say the star blanket was burnt to shreds and the Creator made a new one for another dragon to pull across the sky. Others say the blanket fell to the depths of the Asterean Sea, and that's why it's so dark that you can't see the bottom.