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Cavern of Lost Fate

A deep and sprawling cave system in the Long Mountains that now houses one of the golden Pieces of Fate.

Fifty years ago, Edutar the golden guardian of Melior was unable to stop the cataclysmic events of The Rupture. His body was torn apart trying to close a rift and these golden fragments fell to the world as the pieces of fate. One such piece fell into the depths of a cave system which is now known locally as the Cavern of the Lost Fate.  


The mouth of the cavern is accessible via a stony pathway winding its way through the Long Mountains and is only two days walk from Fentrus, the capital city of Garronay. It was a popular tourist attraction even before The Rupture and was previously known as the Deep Song Caverns due to the fantastic natural acoustics making for some spectacular choral performances.   The extensive cave system branches deep into the Long Mountains of Jolundria and has never been fully explored. Many adventurers have tried to make a complete map of the caves, but the ones who ventured deeply lost their lives. Known fatalities include broken bones, poor rations, cave-ins, falls, drowning, and suffocation. Several folk were never found.  

The Lost Fate

After the golden pieces of Edutar’s broken body fell to the world, many folks rushed to chase after and recover them. An unknown fragment shot into the cave system and lured many courageous folk to go in after the warm glowing aura it gave off within the pitch black of the cavern. It fell deeper and deeper into the caves almost with a will of its own until no folk could enter far enough to safely retrieve it.   There are protests about what should happen to the cavern. On that fateful and devastating moment fifty years ago, the followers known as Edutar’s Faithful split into two divisions: Edutar’s Devotionists who support the Ordained as carriers, protectors, or even “offspring” of Edutar, and those who believe that the Ordained are thieves and stand against them, seeking to bring all of the pieces of Edutar back together to be reformed once more. This division calls themselves The Seekers, and they are very keen to retrieve the lost piece of fate from the depths of this cavern.
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Deep Song Caverns
Cave System
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Geographic Location | Mar 23, 2023

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