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The Lost Kingdom of Mosat

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  Deep within the shifting sand dunes of The Great Tentottan Desert lies the scattered remains of The Lost Kingdom of Mosat.   Rooves jut out of golden hills at crooked angles where nature has reclaimed entire settlements; shame and history are buried deep within the dunes.   Once a powerful kingdom, these lands are now only inhabited by scorpions and the remaining Mosattans who banded together in the bitter-tongued guild called The Mosattan Jackknives  


The Kingdom of Mosat's biggest exports were rare gemstones and precious metals, but the kingdom was famously known for it's production of a refined scorpion poison extract known as Suluca.


Mosat's glory ended swiftly after the shortest battle since historical records began.   They were completely destroyed by the army of Rassal after The Kingdom of Mosat refused to meet their new trade laws and poisoned a high trader with highly potent Suluca. One messy death caused the entire kingdom to fall.   Those who escaped the bloodshed banded together and formed The Mosattan Jackknives. They now lurk among the ruins and still bear the double-tailed scorpion crescent, but this time with two slashes through it.  

Flowing with the sands

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Kingdom of Mosat
Notable Members
The Mosattan Jackknives
Organization | Oct 9, 2023

The Mosattan Jackknives are an illicit gang that hideout in the abandoned ruins of The Lost Kingdom of Mosat.

Rassal's Revenge
Military Conflict | Nov 20, 2022

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