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Upp Town

A small city in the hills of Anvil, famous for its export of sweet, maisha-rich Upp Dates.

Upp Town is a small farming settlement in the warm hilly landscape of Anvil that is world famous for its exquisite dates.   Big fat juicy Upp Dates are exported from Anvil, across the Shoulder Sea and all across The Jolundrian Empire. These sticky sweet morsels have become a favourite in many cultures and cuisines across Melior.   Upp Town had a humble beginning from a lone farmer who started to grow the dates back in The Second Age. After the events of The Rupture opened Rifts to the plane of Ol'Mire, cross polination with foreign species has enriched the Upp Dates with Maisha, imbuing them with magic-restoring qualities.   The growing demand for the dates sprouted a small farming community which quickly developed into a bustling town. In typical Anvil fashion, one of the oldest and most distinctive buildings in Upp Town is the smithy, easily identifiable by its rugged architectural features and the chorus of hammers working on the farmer's tools.   Due to the global popularity of its export, Upp Town has grown tremendously in size to the point where it could be classified as a city. The 'town' part of the name stuck, however, due to brand recognition throughout markets in The Jolundrian Empire.   Quality of life has greatly improved for the community thanks to the coin and new tourism that the dates bring in. The streets have been widened significantly and neatly cobbled to accommodate for travellers and nobles to make their way here to sample the exclusive Maisha-rich dates from their source of origin.  


Upp Town has its own major annual festival called UppFest that takes place every Setday, 21st of Feastcall each year.   Its a celebration of a successful harvest and traditionally involves much fun and games throughout the day. The main event is the renowned UppFest Food Contest, where folks can compete in numerous categories with their home-grown produce.   The festival concludes with grand feast of wonderous dishes from the local community.  


Upp dates are enjoyed throughout the year and go exceptionally well with cheese boards and roasted nuts. Other cultures prefer to dip the dates in almond butter, whilst some use the dates as a chopped ingredient in rich fruit cakes.   It’s common to use Upp Dates as a core ingredient with the mixed dried fruit when making an Anvil Cake during Forge Day celebrations on Midday, 25th of Feastcall every year. They also look (and taste) fantastic when adorning cakes in concentric spiral patterns.
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Tradition / Ritual | Nov 30, 2022

An annual festival held in Upp Town that celebrates a successful harvest with a huge feast and fun activities.

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Feb 16, 2021 22:36 by Luca Poddighe

I like that the money brought by the dates have not been an occasion of conflict, but of sharing between population.

Jun 21, 2021 13:05 by TJ Trewin

I think there would only be a conflict problem if the supply were to ever run out! That'd be a case for the Sea of Esses Investigators if people were smuggling Upp Dates out of Anvil!

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Feb 17, 2021 12:16 by AP.

So, uh, *cough* does this mean there are UppTown girls in this world? xD *cough* Apologies...couldn't resist. But a lovely little article and the Upp Dates amuse me to no end! Melior articles are always amazing articles.

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Feb 18, 2021 01:00 by J. Thorne

Dangit, I was gonna make that same joke! lol!

Feb 18, 2021 10:34 by AP.

Ahah! Great minds think alike ;)

Maker of Maps |AP.Cartography
Feb 19, 2021 00:31 by J. Thorne

We can neither confirm nor deny allegations of greatness at this time...

Jun 21, 2021 13:07 by TJ Trewin

Probably! And I bet she's never had a backstreet guy (but I guess her momma never told her why)   ... (I should write a place called Backstreet now, right?)

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Jun 21, 2021 16:48 by AP.

Please do!! That would be amazing! xD

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Feb 18, 2021 01:07 by J. Thorne

"growing demand for the dates sprouted a small farming community"   What you did there. I sees it.   I like the demonym for this town too. Here in the Mittens, the folks who live in the Upper Peninsula are called "Yoopers"; "Uppers" reminds me of it. :D

Mar 9, 2021 22:03 by JRR Jara

I'm hungry for upp dates now XD

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Jun 21, 2021 13:05 by TJ Trewin

There can never be enough Upp dates!

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