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Ves Palu

Small twinned islands situated just off the coast of Anvil, famous for their rare and dwindling exports of menhirwood.

The twin isles of Ves Palu are the warm, pristine homes occupied by a large population of rakuwan and other folk who have migrated from Anvil and even Orubia.   Whilst the larger island is named Ves and the smaller one Palu, generally they are always referred to as a whole. The capital city Fijur is situated closer to the mainland which has better trade connections and tourism.   Ves Paluvian beaches are famous for their immaculate beauty, and the locals who live here are fiercely protective of them and clamp down hefty fines for littering from the thousands of visiting traders and tourists who flock to their golden beaches.   The subtropical isles have beautiful scenery with forests and crumbling rocky hills that are home to quirky succulents and dusty coloured reptiles.