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Orubia, the verdant sister

The tropical continent of Orubia is connected by an isthmus to the larger continent of Melopia.

Orubia is a rich and fertile region, and spans from the sandy edges of The Great Desert to the fringes of the deep jungle. The majority of the region's climate is hot and dry, covered in the vast grassy plains of the savannah.   The land is home to the native Orubian people, who have to share the land with many species of Dinosaur .   Once a peaceful land, Orubia has become the heart of conflict after a migration of tech-laden invaders managed to miraculously traverse the expansive dunes of The Great Desert alone in search of fertile lands to settle in. Using the power of their technology, they are eager to establish themselves here before the locals can evict them.   The Orubians (wrapped in their vibrant culture and easy living thanks to their magic abilities) were blissfully unaware of this invasion occurring to the far north west of the region, until there became an imbalance in the wildlife and lone farmers out in the savannah became easy targets for invader cookpots.  

Climate Zones

Hot Desert
To the north west of the region you can find The Great Desert and it's shifting sands. Sometimes buried structures become visible in the shimmering heatwaves, but most of them are dangerous mirages that will lead you astray.
Arid Steppe
This dry wasteland rests on higher ground and acts as a natural barrier that stops the desert dunes from encroaching any further. There's very little in the way of shelter or vegetation here, and any creatures who are sturdy enough to survive will know how to fight for thier food.
The great plains of the savannah are home to the majority of life in Orubia, with higher populations near sources of water. Wildfires are a danger in the scorching summer months, and flash floods threaten the river-dwellers during monsoon season.
Tropical Rainforest
The lush Orubian jungle is home to the source of magic enrichment in the region. The fertile lands and abundant rainfall make this climate ideal for rare magical fruits, herbs and fungi to grow. Orubians rely on this flora to sustain their reserves of magical energy.
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Inhabiting Species
Ethnicity | Nov 20, 2022
The Falola Rangers
Organization | Oct 9, 2023

An old family of dinosaur tamers

Tower of Okello
Building / Landmark | Nov 29, 2022

A huge tower home to reclusive mage-tinkers, situated deep in the Orubian rainforest.

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