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Wespen Beacon

One of the largest lighthouses that safeguards the shores of the Western Peninsula of Melopia.

Situated on the westernmost peninsula of the Melopian continent, this prominent lighthouse safeguards trade ships and war vessels along the coast and has saved many ships from being destroyed on the jagged rocks. It was originally named after it's location but over the years of thick, seafaring accents, it became known simply as Wespen Beacon.   The lighthouse has also become a tourist location that marks the furthest point of the peninsula that you can travel to. The views are serene and the salty breeze is refreshingly cool.   Wespen Beacon can provide early warnings of enemy raids, pirate ships and bad weather. Two messengers live nearby and ride to the nearest settlements with news. The lighthouse keeper and their family lives within this structure and a messenger house lies further back from the coast with a small stable. This close knit rural community all sustain each other and help to maintain the beacon (especially during harsh, stormy weather).


The lighthouse is over 150ft tall and is one of the largest beacons in the region and it has large black and white stripes and can be seen from miles away. This sturdy structure can withstand any storm that the Pelamic Ocean can throw at it.  


The lighthouse is fairly new and was constructed in 503 2A.   Local children have a competition to see who can throw a colourful sand-pouch the highest against the beacon. Points are scored based upon which stripe you hit and rules often change mid-game.
Founding Date
Seconday 2nd Seedfall 503 2A
Technology / Science | Nov 20, 2022

A lighthouse using bioluminescence

Cover image: by TJ Trewin


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This lighthouse is not always a beacon of hope, it would seem...

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