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A lighthouse using bioluminescence

A Glowhouse is a lighthouse remodelled with Glow-Jelly technology to provide light to the surrounding seas using bioluminescence harvestsed from jellyfish. The new lighthouses give out a brighter, bluer light with almost a green tint to it in comparison to the warm glow of old fire based ones.   In the district of Talan, Jontal was the first port to convert a lighthouse into a Glowhouse, using heated Jelly as a light source to guide ships in The Black Coast of The Isles of Meles. The beacons of South Meles do not yet have this technology as it's much colder that far south and it will be significantly harder to keep the jelly at an optimum temperature to emit enough light.   The top of the old lighthouse was completely remodelled to have a heating system to keep a huge glass cylinder of Glow-Jelly heated and glowing brightly. The lighthouse keepers are grateful of these conversions as the heating is brought down into the living quarters too, making their accommodation a great deal comfier (especially during winter).   Glowhouses shine much brighter than normal lighthouses and cannot be extinguished due to the Jelly being contained within a thick glass cylinder. However, if the Glow-Jelly inside of it cools, it will become very dim and dangerous to vessels out at sea. It's the lighthouse keeper's job to keep the heating system going all year round, just as they'd normally do before the upgrade.   North Peninsula Beacon, the tallest lighthouse in Ves Palu, is next in line for this upgraded technology, but recent conflict between The Kingdom of Meles and The Melopian Empire have put a halt to resources being delivered to the lighthouse until the islanders decide which territory they truly belong to.  
Parent Technologies
Technology / Science | Nov 20, 2022

Bioluminescent jellyfish extract from the shores of Orubia.

Wespen Beacon
Building / Landmark | Nov 29, 2022

One of the largest lighthouses that safeguards the shores of the Western Peninsula of Melopia.

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