Guardian’s Nest

A fort in Anvil used as a death trap for troublesome beasts.

Guardian’s Nest is the headquarters for the Nurbotu Guardians in Anvil and acts as a central hub for strategy, training, and medical recovery. Similar to the rifthound training facility, Fort Endié, Guardian’s Nest was also built on top of an old fort from The Second Age.   The ruined keep needed a lot of rebuilding as it fell to heavy siege back in its prime days, but thanks to the coin and connections that the Nurbotu Guardians have made during their work protecting the land, they have been able to fortify the ruins and refurbish it into a workable space to operate from.    


The Guardian’s Nest has multiple large watchtowers along a wooden palisade wall that surrounds the main keep. These watchtowers are occupied by rangers and lookouts that keep an eye on the direction of nearby rifts - they ring a large bronze bell to alert the keep of any incoming threats of riftbeings.   The courtyard is used for training exercises, but can also turn into a giant holding area to lure in and execute more troublesome beasts. The fort’s old defences still come in handy to this day, such as the murder holes for pouring boiling oil. By luring the bigger beasts back to the fort for battle it makes it safer for civilians to take cover, and safer for the soldiers to have a controlled fight on their own terrain and numbers.   Only three fights have been lured back to the Guardian’s Nest so far, and each have been a major success. After the beast is down, the body is examined and recorded by the scholars before the resident riftmeat butcher portions everything up to feed the guardian’s pack of tamed rifthounds.   It’s an efficient method of hunting, but requires extensive coordination and teamwork.
Alternative Names
Guard's Nest
Parent Location
Owning Organization
The Nurbotu Guardians
Organization | Nov 30, 2022

A respected mercenary group from Anvil.

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13 Jun, 2021 20:26

I love the idea of them luring back beasts to fight there, though obviously not practical on many occasions. So cool! :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
1 Jul, 2021 19:19

The level of teamwork required here is legendary. I couldn't be a part of it but I'm glad all these people can.

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