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Rassal is a bustling trade hub on the eastern coast of the Tentottan Peninsula.


The city is well defended from the forces of nature thanks to the sweeping coastline of the peninsula.

Industry & Trade

The bountiful warm waters of the Monillic Ocean provide an endless source of fish, which has come to be Rassal's main export.   The city is a huge trading hub and also exports goods from other cities in the region.   The Brass Bowl provides expensive Mohrrim Crystals and Ihrrum which make a huge profit when traded overseas due to the rarity of the material.   Gemstones and artisan goods are brought in from settlements within The Great Tentottan Desert, and exotic animal pelts from the foot of the Larthteras Mountains adorn market stalls along the harbourside of this vibrant city.   Tourists and traders alike will find themselves drawn towards the mouthwatering smells of freshly cooked seafood and can enjoy a bite to eat whilst watching the sea birds circle around local fishermen on the harbour walls.
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
The Elite Rassalian Guard
Organization | Nov 20, 2022

The Elite come across as very intimidating with their military prowess. Many people admire them, but from a distance. They are known for their strict, no-nonsense temper and will not hesitate to put someone in their lawful place.

Rassal's Revenge
Military Conflict | Nov 20, 2022

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