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Rassal's Revenge

The Conflict


Rassal introduces new trade laws that make it cheaper for them to export luxury goods such as precious gems and metals from The Kingdom of Mosat   Mosat did not agree to these terms and was enraged at being exploited, so they sent an assassin disguised as a high trader to attend the next grand traders meeting in Rassal. The Mosattan assassin slipped a very potent Suluca poison into the trade guildmaster's wine, causing a violent death to occur in front of the entire panel of tradesmen.


The assassin was captured and tortured before being pubicly shamed in the center of Rassal. The Elite Rassalian Guard were brought into action and immediately marched into the borders of The Kingdom of Mosat to teach them a lesson.


As the The Elite Rassalian Guard entered The Great Tentottan Desert they prepared themselves for heated battle. They knew that the Mosattan people were prolific users of the potent poison, Suluca, so they came prepared with a newly discovered antidote from the rainforests of Molura (known to already prevent the effects of many exotic jungle snakes).   The Rassalians drank their Moluran elixirs and stormed The Grand Palace of Mosat.

The Engagement

The Mosattans fought visciously with Suluca coated blades. Fear struck their hearts when The Elite Rassalian Guard did not show the immediate signs of paralysis from the poison. Greatly unprepared and their key strategy destroyed, the Mosattans were slaughtered as the Rassalians claimed the Grand Palace.   News spread quickly of the defeat, causing the remaining population to fight to the death or flee. Some Mosattans even took their own life with Suluca as a painful escape.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Rassal destroyed the Kingdom of Mosat



The entire Elite Rassalian Guard, reinforced with local Rassalian guards and recruits from nearby settlements.
Royal guards and local settlement guards.


One third of the troops were lost in battle.
Royalty and the royal guard defeated. Many civillians slaughtered and settlements looted and raised.


Teach Mosat a lesson for poisoning their trade guildmaster.
Teach Rassal a lesson for exploiting their luxury goods.
The Elite Rassalian Guard
Organization | Nov 20, 2022

The Elite come across as very intimidating with their military prowess. Many people admire them, but from a distance. They are known for their strict, no-nonsense temper and will not hesitate to put someone in their lawful place.

Suluca Poisoning
Condition | Nov 20, 2022

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