Suluca Poisoning

Transmission & Vectors

Suluca Harvesters extract the venom from the stingers of a two tailed Mosattan Scorpion and refine it into a potent poison called Suluca. Male mosattan scorpions have two tails and produce more venom and females only have one tail but the venom is much more potent.   The suluca can be applied to blades and arrow tips or slipped into a drink or concealed within food. Only a miniscule amount needs to be touched before the lethal effects kick in.


  • partial paralysis
  • extreme and immediate "desert" fever
  • blood feels as it it's burning in the veins
  • causes people to go colour blind
  • effects vary with potency


  • weakened limbs
  • colour blindness
  • permanent paralysis in limbs or full body
  • death (depending on potency)


Suluca was famously used to assassinate the trade guildmaster of Rassal after the The Kingdom of Mosat was unhappy about their new trade laws. This horrific death sparked the brutal war of Rassal's Revenge

Cultural Reception

The Mosattan Jackknives put a swift end to their kin who have been poisoned by Mosattan Scorpions. They believe that a quick blade and a short goodbye is better than the terrible effects of Suluca poisoning.   They do not have the time or resources to care for the crippled who have survived the poison and are now slow or paralysed.
Chemical Compound
Extremely Rare
Mosattan Scorpion
Species | Nov 20, 2022
Item | Nov 20, 2022

Suluca is a highly potent poison refined from Mosattan Scorpion venom.

Suluca Harvester
Profession | Nov 20, 2022

An incredibly dangerous job to extract the Suluca poison from giant Mosattan scorpions.

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