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Brineheart's Bay

Hideout of the self proclaimed pirate queen of The Black Coast in Melesh, Anvil.

Assa Brineheart, self-proclaimed pirate queen of The Black Coast, aims to unite all swindlers & smugglers along the west coast of Melesh under her banner. A sea cave serves as her fortified base of operations and place of recruitment for future voyages.   One of her key selling points in the recruitment plan is the luxurious "rule of cool" decorations that the hideout offers, and is fit for any misfit looking to stay out of sight from the law.   Brineheart dreams of hunting down the legendary beast, The Black Lamp, but isn't sure how to pull it off. Her quarters are full of sketches, maps, newspaper clippings and piles of books where she has been trying to come up with the perfect plan. Slaying Black Lamp would instantly earn her the respect of any sailor in Melesh, even the whole of Anvil, and may even earn her the bountiful reward from the navy for making the seas safe.

Purpose / Function

Brineheart's Bay serves as a meeting place, armoury, hideout, private bar, exclusive brothel, and all-round pirate hot spot.


Private docks for sturdy and secure mooring.


Constructed inside of a large natural cave tucked out of sight on the northernmost island of Birne District in Melesh, this natural formation has been patched up with a roof constructed over the natural skylight, planks reused as walls and floorboards and broken ship parts used heavily in decorations and furnishings. Shipwrecks are now plundered for not only their loot, but also their building materials and any salvageable bits and bobs.   Layers of old fishing nets of various weights provide hammocks, privacy between rooms, and places to store equipment. Barrels are used to store food and water supplies, as well as broken barrels for storing weapons, tools and other gear.
Parent Location

Cover image: Map of Melior, imperial projection by TJ Trewin
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