The Black Coast

The north western coastline of Meles

The Black Coast is the expansive area of coastline that spans into the north western region of The Isles of Meles. The waters include the isles of Birne District and also the isles of Drisley.   This territory is well known for the smuggling and pirate activities that go on here and is famously inhabited by a large population of Black Coast Sharks.   Assa Brineheart is the self-proclaimed pirate queen of the Black Coast, she is determined to win over the loyalty of the other pirates in the Black Coast so that she can pursue her dream of hunting down the elusive legend: The Black Lamp , the giant Asterean Lamprey. Legends tell of The Black Lamp latching itself onto the hulls of ships to slow them down before pulling them down into a watery embrace. Others have claimed that The Black Lamp soars out of the water and lands teeth first onto the deck, smashing through ships and devouring every crew member aboard. Either way, it's a pirate's wet dream is to be the one who slays the great beast and mounts it's gaping maw on their ship's bow. Many sailors and adventurers have tried to track down The Black Lamp and find it's lair, but none have been successful so far. Assa is determined to be the first.   Her hideout, Brineheart's Bay, is a large natural cave tucked out of sight on the northernmost island of Birne District. She has patched up this natural formation with a roof constructed over the natural skylight, planks reused as walls and floorboards and broken ship parts used heavily in decorations and furnishings.  

Fauna & Flora

Black Coast Sharks
Asterean Lamprey by TJ Trewin
Alternative Name(s)
The west coast
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The Black Lamp
Myth | Nov 20, 2022

A legendary beast that lurks beneath the waves

Asterean Lamprey
Species | Nov 20, 2022

Asterean Lampreys are a species of eel-like fish that have no jaws, but a flat head with a gaping maw containing hundreds of teeth in concentric rows.

Brineheart's Bay
Building / Landmark | Nov 29, 2022

Hideout of the self proclaimed pirate queen of The Black Coast in Melesh, Anvil.

Cover image: by TJ Trewin
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