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Isles of Agatal

A battle torn tropical island chain in Jolundria fighting against Melopian invaders.

The spine of the Long Mountains curl off of the Jolundrian continent into the Asterean Sea forming the tropical region known as The Isles of Agatal. Once known for its beautiful vistas and rich cultural history, Agatal has become a near-inhospitable warzone as a place of strategic interest for the Melopian Commonwealth to launch invasions from Porosa up through the isles and to into Garronay, the sovereign seat of the Jolundrian Empire.   Ambushes, spike pits, nets, and traps are hidden and primed ready to maim any soldiers to pass through here. There are too many hazards to keep track of that no folk is foolish enough to risk going back to recover their fallen soldiers.   Even without all of the guerilla warfare, the tropical islands have rugged, volcanic terrain blanketed in humid, dense rainforests that are full of natural predators and deadly flora which make it a beautiful yet unwelcoming place to live.   The capital city of Ergana is one of the few remaining major settlements in the isles due to its ancient fortifications and proximity to neighbouring Garronayan military forts that provide them with reinforcements and aid. With the combined war and the impact of the events of The Rupture fifty years ago, the city is now overflowing with war-torn refugees who are trying to shelter in desperation against the unguarded exterior walls.   With the central parts of the islands being too dangerous and impassable on foot, the easiest way to navigate through the isles is to travel by boat or to walk along the coastline where the vegetation is more sparse.   The once pristine beaches and glistening waters of the coastlines were a romantic stroll for many, but are now littered with broken weapons and the stench of death tainted with rotten fish as hungry gulls gorge themselves upon their unburied breakfast.   The golden sands leave crimson footprints.
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