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The national flower of the tropical Isles of Agatal.

Varlin is a woody shrub that natively grows in the tropical Isles of Agatal in Jolundria. The white varlin flowers are an iconic symbol of Agatalian culture and even feature prominently on their flag.   The flowers attract hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies, and are commonly used in decoration during festivities and ceremonies throughout the islands. Varlin flowers have six broad petals and are typically white, though some variants may have tinges of colour to them.   The inner bark of the shrub can be used to make paper, but as other materials are better suited for the job it’s more frequently used for making rope. The majority of rope bridges, furnishings, construction, and canoe floats.   The shrubs thrive in the otherwise inhospitable landscape of the volcanic islands and can be found both deep in the humid rainforests and even up on the rocky mountainous slopes. Varlin roots are notoriously tough and reach deep into the ground for stability and sources of nourishment.  
“These Agatalians can be as stubborn as old varlin roots! They just won’t budge!”
— Common saying

Symbolism in War

During times of war, allies and support wear a varlin flower on their left shoulder to visibly identify themselves. As the years have gone by, Agatalian guards have incorporated this symbol into the official design of their uniforms and now have a white embroidered varlin flower (a little larger than a real one) that sits with its centre on the edge of the shoulder.   Many Agatalian loyalists have a varlin flower tattoo, and the style is always done using negative space so that the flower is the lightest part. It’s bad luck to have a black varlin flower because it signifies wilting, ill health, or death.
Geographic Distribution
Isles of Agatal
Geographic Location | Mar 23, 2023

A battle torn tropical island chain in Jolundria fighting against Melopian invaders.


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I like the section on the tattoos, that feels so very nationalistic its wonderful, and the cultural symbolism is great too :)

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