The Rockpile

Legend has it that a lone miner was mining in the Rockpile and his ship became disabled. There is no record of a name or species or of the ship that may or may not have been involved. In any case, after being able to repair his communication equipment, which had not been done in quite some time to save credits, he was able to broadcast a distress call. In the tradition of miners everywhere, many came to help and thus was born the Rockpile Gathering .    Mining lasers, torpedoes, pulse weapons, and even nuclear warheads were detonated in an attempt to locate and save the poor miner who had been trapped in the Rockpile. Some say that his spirit still plies the Rockpile, looking after those who may have or will have malfunctions and attempting to warn them to ensure they pay proper attention to their equipment.    While the miner was never found, nor any trace of a lost ship, it is said that the search lasted up to 3 standard years, with many taking turns on their off times or just donating time to search for him. That three year period is what sets the timing of the First Call for the Rockpile Gathering .


A collections of millions of asteroids, although they aren't in a belt. They are in an area of gravitic equilibrium of the four suns of Dalkit 422 System . The Rockpile rotates very slowly and many asteroids are easily disturbed when a new one is introduced into the pile or some other event, like the Rockpile Gathering occurs and moves, destroys, or otherwise perturbs the area.
Planetoid, Rogue


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