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Things like you think all your coins, all your soldiers and their swords, your... ah... castles, make you so mighty?You suffer from a fatal lack of perspective. Let me enlighten you as to how small you truly are.
— Black Mark Executive engaged in negotiations
The fourth planet from healthy yellow star, in some distant corner of the heavens that grows darker with each passing year is Tairos. To those familiar with such wondrous vistas this world is unremarkable. It has a single moon which orbits her swiftly. Her waltz around the the star takes 8,800 hours and she is not alone in this dance. Six other worlds race along with her: each ranging from burnt husk, to ephemeral mists, to frozen waste. None of this alone is particularly special on its own, yet this world is rare beyond comprehension and valuable in a way unlike any other. This world is called Tairos.
What makes Tairos so unique is the vast array of life calls it home. Countless species both sentient and otherwise roam the surface proliferating and enlightening themselves and in numbers that can no longer be found elsewhere among the stars. The citizens of this world are largely unaware but to those burdened with knowledge of the heavens they know the truth. Most worlds are barren and others home to huddled clusters of civilization that hang on to existence by the merest thread. The night sky of every world grows a bit darker with each passing year. The cosmos is old, dying in fact, and in her twilight days she is preyed upon by those looking to cut short what time is left.
Fate has offered one kindness to Tairos though and that is obscurity. Predators of all kind have would eagerly descend upon this world to claim their piece of this place were it known to them. Instead, it has managed to remain unfound by most. And those like Black Mark Acquisitions, who have discovered its existence have thus far failed in their efforts to take it.
Not all who wish to see this planet ended harbor malice in their hearts. In fact, some deem it a cruel necessity. For buried deep beneath this planet's surface is city left behind by the slumbering gate builders known as the Architects. They despise life in all its forms and shun the light of stars. Should living things accidentally alert the Architects to their presence then the sleepers will stir from their crypts all across the cosmos to finish what they started so many eons ago. Sterilizing Tairos might be the only way to keep this doom at bay.


Tairos is largely dominated by a single landmass that accounts for nearly 7% of its total surface. This primary continent stretches across numerous climates and contains an incredible variety of geographies.
A number of smaller landmasses do exist scattered throughout the remainder of the planet but most are small, isolated fragments. All of these pieces together account for just under 2% of the total surface of the planet. These islands and land masses are spread out among several different climates though the majority are found near the equator, in regions of permanent summer.
Opposite the largest landmass on the globe is another sizable expanse of land that accounts for almost 5% of the planet's surface. This piece is located further north than its counterpart and sees overall colder temperatures.
In both poles there are large ice caps with fragments of land buried beneath them. The solid ground beneath these thick layers of ice accounts for another 1% of the total surface of the planet
The rest of Tairos' surface is dominated by expansive and deep ocean water. These regions are plagued by turbulent storms that often wash away the topography of the smaller islands making most of them inhospitable to civilization.

Fauna & Flora

Tairos is home to an abundance of life forms, many of which have built long lasting civilizations. Most of the larger landmasses have regions of moderate and stable climate that have allowed such civilizations to flourish.
Tairos' historically strong connection to the arcane Leylines also made this world exceptionally welcoming to magical life forms and extraplanar entities. This has changed in recent history due to The Queen's Rebuke.


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