Tenebia Island

"Anthros, my husband, they are coming back!"

"Our friends will chase them away, worry not my wife."


"You are right, Spring Flower, they are no threat. What did you bring us?"


"No, thank you, in our current condition we don't need to eat anymore, but you are kind."


"Yes, we're sure. Thank you though. Save it for your babies. You had four this season, didn't you?"


"I'm sure they'll grow tall and strong, but for now, they're just precious!"

The Sloth purred, there was just no word for it, although, zoologists all over the world would have sworn that sound was not in the repertoire of any Sloth they had encountered.


A small, hilly, rocky island off the western tip of the Eutebian Archipelago, Tenebia is often contested. In the last hundred years, twenty metal ships, and forty wooden ones of various sizes have been sunk on its shores. Many of them by the actions of the local fauna, acting with unusual intelligence, aggressivity, and showing unusual behaviour. Mundane Emerald Sloths are not tought to be able to claw through metal, for instance, but in at least one instance, the LAC-29 Vickdig, no other explanation for it sinking has been provided.

Localized Phenomena

The island is host to the The greenscarfed couple as part of the The prophecy of Tenebia. Very few scientific facts have been established with certainty, but the underwater ship graveyard near the island, mostly at the mouths of the rivers, speak of unusual doings, and quite possibly, powerful forces at work.

Fauna & Flora

The rocky island itself is only home to a colony of Emerald Sloth in the forest between its two rivers, who thrive on the aquatic insects, aquatic insect larva of flying insects and fishes great and small in the river, as well as the odd bird egg that falls over from an eyrie or treetop nest.

Natural Resources

There are very few natural resources, but the position of the archipelago means it's fiercely contested, a beachhead on the island for the Bleg or the Brunswicki, while against the Pledge of Eurani, would threaten foruteen million Eutebians in the nearby island of Eutebia Island and Kalabia Island.


There is no official tourism, as the island is considered forbidden to all non-essential personnel in Alessia, Brunswick and Bleg, but enterprising fishermen often disguise tourists as extra deck crew and take them on a trip.
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