"Welcome to the Platinum Redoubt, I am Willim, I will be your host today."   "Thank you Willim, there will be two." Flora didn't normally feel twitterpated, but it's the first time she'd ever been to a five medal restaurant.   "Milord returns? Please Milord, I shall prepare your table forthwith."   "They KNOW you here?"   "Privilege of an undeserved reputation, my dear."   "Milord Veneer is a friend of the house, his welcome here is guaranteed."   "Just how do you get this, in the poshest place in the poshest city in the world?"   "Dad knew people. The one I'm named for."   "Oh, wait, what's this? An elevator?"   "So you two will not be interrupted, Milord, will that do?"   "Willim, that will do splendidly, yes. Flora, can I offer you my arm?"   "What for?"   "You need to ask? Always wanted to walk into a place like this with the prettiest lady around."   "Oh, you flatterer." She looked at Willim.   "I couldn't possibly compare, Milady, but I cannot find fault with Milord's taste, as usual."   "As usual?"   "Err, well I did visit with Avalline d'Ankeryn and Natalia Dell'Auro before. I think Willim noticed."   "Lady Dell'Auro is also a friend of the house, and of course, both ladies are known to be dignitaries of foreign lands, the house will of course do everything in its powers to make their stay memorable."   "And you're not a dignitary?"   "I'm a friend of the house, that's even better."   "How is a friend of the house better?"   Willim spoke, very softly: "n this case, friend of the house means he will inherit an interest in our establishment, when he turns twenty-four."   "You'd... inherit shares of the place?"   "No, Dad was the financier of the place, he was quite underestimated back in Kagomei, but his money and acumen was not faked."   "Financier?"   "In two and a half years, I will review the manager, see if I still like him..."   "As in owner?"   "Part owner, controlling interest, unless Annunzia and Natalia buy me out."   "I've met Natalia, she gets a curtsy from your MOM!"   "Natalia gets a half-curtsy from Meihomei."   "Wow, that much?"   "As Commissioner of the Eurani Pact, she's the equivalent of a head of state, a state much larger than Kagomei."   "How large?"   "Her new hubby is the Grand Duke of the largest nation in Arnd, it's between a third and half of the Eurani, maybe, on a good day."   "What, wait, I was flip to a chief of state of that big?"   "Oh heavens, you ... upset Natalia? Gulp."   "No, I didn't upset Natalia, I told her I was very happy I got you, and I hope she realized she traded down..."   "Oh, heavens, you didn't just upset her, you said... things..."   "Things?"   "Things she is likely to take like a challenge. She's Brecian, they take those seriously. Yes, Willim?"   "Perhaps I should remind Sir there is a panic room here, I believe you are receiving unwanted visitors." He pointed to a turbaned man, in shabby clothing, off the street, in any other place a ruffian, but that he walked to the elevator and got through... No, this was an assassin, the Turban probably hiding an Antoo's distinctive horns. "Oh, we'll be fine Willim. Flora, stay down." He reached for his wand and focused his Will, a touch of fire...

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