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Lake Clēqhuap ([ɕle:ʔˈxuɑ̯p])

Birthplace of Aprēanism

Don’t be ridiculous. No child of mine will be washed in the waters of some baptismal pool. My firstborn daughter will rule the world one day, if god wills it. Only the warmth of the holy lake will suffice!
Hânsil II Pentiwichen, Emperor of Pallernen, after the birth of his first child, Crown Princess Sofia
  Lake Clēqhuap, also commonly known as the Amber Lake, is a deep lake located in South Tellaiti within the borders of the Empire of Pallernen. For over two thousand years, this has been the home of the followers of Aprēa and the birthplace of the most influential religion in the world. Aprēans of all creeds travel far and wide to the sacred lake as part of their pilgrimages or to bathe their newborn children in its water as part of a baptismal ritual.  

Myths and Legends

The holy lake has always been associated with strange myths and beliefs. Even before 608 BA, when Aprēa of Setaik mysteriously drowned and sparked the flames of a faith that would engulf much of the civilised world, the locals who dwelt along its shores were well aware of its uniqueness. Most of the first myths were related to the lake’s unusual warmth, but few of those stories have survived the passage of time.  

Lady of the Lake

Out of all the dozens of legends that shroud the lake in mystery, none is more known than that of the death of Aprēa. Before becoming a beloved deity whose actions and ideas would shape the societies of many, she was but a simple commoner who lived in a poor town in shambles. Through her compassion and generosity, she improved the lives of the people of Setaik and became loved by her neighbours. Tragedy struck, however, when she was found dead one summer morning by an old friend, Aulaci.   He claimed that there was an old rusted anchor close to her legs and saw no noticeable injuries. Aulaci intended to carry her body back to town, but an extraordinary wave emerged from the lake, covering the land around Aprēa and pulling her back into the water. He called for help and tried swimming after her, but by the time others arrived, she had somehow sunk into the depths of the lake.   The circumstances of her death contributed to the belief in her ascension to divinity, yet few can agree on what had happened. None of the branches of Aprēaq Hūril have agreed upon a single theory, but most presume that her virtuous life granted her an early path to become a god.
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Owning Organization
Aprēaq Hūril
Organization | Jul 8, 2023

Aprēanism is a divided monotheistic religion that is split between three major branches.

The Ascension of Hillen
Myth | Jul 7, 2023

The legend of how Saint Hillen sacrificed himself and his army to save the people of southern Lethea

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