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Caradover Wilds (kair-ah-ˈDOH-ver)

Covering most of County Blackwick and extending into Whitscar and Carcoswald Counties lies the dense woodlands known as the Caradover Wilds. It stands almost untouched, the loggers, hunters, and other woods folk do not go very deep into the forest at all. The following passage helps to explain why.  
Rumor tells that the local folk won't go in without good reason, and it is evident by the barely used footpaths that occasionally cross the forest. Their fears are understandable. Shrouded in mist and superstition, the forest crouches on the edge of the moorlands, the very oaks gnarled and twisted like some tribe of uncanny creatures.   I stopped in to a local pub to find out exactly what was the story of these superstitions. It seemed everyone had a story to tell. The bartender told me quite seriously that there were goblins and orcish types lying in wait for unwary travelers. A local washerwoman spoke of ghosts, the restless souls of a couple who had eloped into the forest, only to die a terrible fate. I think the passing woodcutter had the best story, of places where the 'veil was thin' and one could accidentally step from Kadeth to Eodath , of the fell shadows, or Bicroth , the land of the Fey. Everyone had a tale, and no two were the same, but all were told in hushed whispers, glancing over shoulders like they might be heard.   There was only one thing a reasonable man could do. The few maps I could find showed that it was an easy day's journey from Mirstone to Wolfpine, cutting straight through the forest. I was determined to show these country fools that there was nothing to be afraid of, setting off at first light, and ignoring the pleas of the innkeeper's wife. About 200 paces into the forest, the foliage was so tangled that sunlight was almost completely cut off. Undaunted, I lit a torch and continued on until lunch, where I found a lovely stream b...
— Unknown author. The page was on a branch by the edge of the woods. The author was never found.
Caradover Wilds

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Grandmaster PBE
William Belley
2 Jul, 2021 04:05

the ending was quite funny and keeps the mystery out of it. Also digging the font green colors !   Happy SummerCamp!

2 Jul, 2021 16:06

Great evocative description, and a nice POV use to get the idea across. If you want to expand without immediately taking away from the feel of the main piece you could add content to the sidebar, for example about the size of the woods, or even a contradictory aside about the single known/claimed survivor. Great job!

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