Summer Camp 2021

Summer Camp 2020 was the first World Anvil BIG EVENT I participated in, and to date my most successful one. I connected with the community better than ever before and developed my world in ways wonderful and unexpected. I've very much been looking forward to Summer Camp coming round again to see what new adventures it would take me on, and whom I might meet along the way.


What Came Before

In 2020 I pretty much jumped in feet first, having missed the lead-up, suggested homework, and all such. This year I'm trying to get a little ahead of the game. I'm (so far) on top of the suggested prep work. I have some ideas for focus areas, if the prompts are kind, and I'm beginning to think about what tasks to take on before camp begins. I haven't managed to get a lot of world building done in the last several months, unfortunately. I think there's been some low motivation due to the pandemic and not actively playing our campaign in this setting. (Our group elected to place this campaign on hold during the lock down, saving it until we could gather at the table once again. We've tried other things with those who wanted to play on-line in the meantime.) This seems like the perfect chance to get back to it!

Homework 2




Prompt 1

A building associated with healing the sick

Prompt 3

A new medical cure, treatment or breakthrough

Prompt 5

An ethnicity whose cultural exports are highly sought after

Prompt 6

An extraordinary writing tool (or type of writing tool)
Elemental Inks
Item | Jul 5, 2021

Enchanted inks stay hidden until certain conditions are met


Prompt 7

An area or geographical landmark wrapped in myth, legend or superstition  

Prompt 8

A myth about a mountain, lake, cave or other landmark

Prompt 9

A myth or fairytale about a prophecy, oracle, fortune-telling or other revelation

Prompt 10

A festival associated with a celestial body

Prompt 11


Prompt 12


Prompt 1


Prompt 2


Prompt 3

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