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Mountain of the Quartet

Mountain of the Quartet is a mountain in Veneficia. According to the legends, its name comes from the fact that in the past it was the home of the ancient deities of the Elemental Quartet. It is said that they lived in massive halls cut inside the mountain. Legends say that during the Falling, the Quartet disappeared and all entrances to the halls closed themselves.

Hall of the Four

Hall of the Four was the main room inside the mountain. It is said that it housed four massive statues of the deities and was the only room where mortals were allowed to enter. It was also the place where the highest ranking Elemental Sages were present. Those were mages dedicated to the worship of the Quartet. They were serving in their temples. Acceptance to the Hall was the greatest honour a sage could be granted. What happened to those sages after the Falling and the mountain's closing remains a mystery to this day,


According to legends, the Mountain of the Quartet had a massive vault which held treasures from all over Veneficia. There was gold, silver, diamonds, magic books and much more. It is said that the treasures were protected by magic and no mortal could touch it. It would result in immediate vaporization.

Where it is?

The location of the Mountain of the Quartet is lost to history, because after sealing itself the mountain became just as the other mountains. Currently, most scholars agree that the mountain is located in the central mountain range of Veneficia. Many adventurers travel to the mountains and look for it. However, none have been successful.

We left the last Pedemontian village about 2 weeks ago. Since then we have been travelling through the wilderness. The forest is starting to thin out and the temperature is dropping. We are getting close to the high mountains.
— An expedition journal
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