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Aquastia's Affair

Aquastia was the ancient goddess of the sea and wife of Ignus, god of fire. She lived in the Mountain of the Quartet with the other members of the Elemental Quartet. For most of the time, the only mortals she had contact with were the Elemental Sages, mages dedicated to the worship of the Quartet.


One time, Aquastia got bored and decided to go down to the mortals. To avoid being recognized she magically disguised herself as a human woman. Not far from the Mountain she met a young merchant named Roberto who invited her to travel with him.

Why is such a beautiful woman travelling alone and on foot? Let me take you to the town
— Roberto

Roberto took Aquastia to the nearest town where she stayed for a few days. The young merchant was king enough to let her stay in his house. As the days passed, Aquastia was feeling more and more attached to Roberto. She realized that she was falling in love. The only problem was that he had a wife and a child. Though Aquastia knew that Ignus might be angry and she would break the heart of Roberto's wife, but she decided to act. One evening she lured Roberto to an alley behind his house and revealed her true form to him right before expressing her love for him. Then, she took his hand and used her magic to teleport them both to the Mountain of the Quartet.

Roberto received one of the most beautiful rooms in the Mountain of the Quartet. It was decorated with white marble and had big red carpets on the walls. The bed frame was made completely from gold.
— Excerpt from the myth

In the beginning, Roberto was angry and uncomfortable. He was kidnapped after all. However, he was treated like a king and his every wish was satisified. In time was starting to accept his situation and even was starting to feel something for Aquastia, but didn't want to show it. He wanted to stay true to his wife. However, after some time, he gave in and his relationship with Aquastia was consummated. While doing it, they were caught by Ignus who became furious and threw Roberto out of the mountain and back to his home town. Aquastia was punished by being unable to leave the mountain for 50 years.

Roberto's Search

After returning to his family, Roberto never returned to his old self. He still was in love with Aquastia and was determined to find a way back to the mountain. However, he was failing every time.

Back then, the location of the Mountain of the Quartet was known, but Ignus cursed Roberto. As the result he wasn't able to reach it
— Excerpt from the myth
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Jul 13, 2021 23:23 by Time Bender

Ouch, poor Roberto! He didn't have a good result in the end of this myth. But Aquastia really shouldn't have tampered with a mortal's happy life!