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Ancient Deities

Ancient Deities were the deities worshiped in the Ancient Era, before the Saviour came. It is said that they were the creator gods of the world. The most important among them was the Elemental Quartet. It was a group of 4 elemental deities who were the creators of the world.

The Elemental Quartet


Ignus by Hero Forge

Ignus is the god of fire, life and death. It is said that he was the highest deity of the ancient pantheon. Myths say that he was the first god to emerge at the beginning of time. From his fire, every other god was born. First came Aquastia, goddess of the sea. Then came Petra, goddess of earth, and Aerus, god of the sky.


Aquastia is the goddess and creator of the seas and all the sea creatures. Myths say that she lives in the Tarran Sea in the south of Veneficia. She was the first deity to be born after Ignus and became his wife. One of the cultures worshipping her was the Tarranoi, who believed her to be their protector.

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Petra is the goddess and creator of the earth and all land creatures.


Aerus is the god and creator of the sky and all sky roaming creatures. He is the youngest of the four deities and the quietest one. It is said that he has the least followers and they are focused on contemplating the world, instead of engaging with it.

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Other Deities


Riulla is the goddess of war. She is an impulsive deity and it is easy to anger her. Myths say that see started many wars only because she was bored.

Her wife is Pax, goddess of peace. Pax is the only one who could stop Riulla's impulsivness.

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Pax by Hero Forge

Pax is the goddess of peace and prosperity. She is also the wife of Riulla. She is the opposite of her wife. Pax is logical, cautious and calm. She is the only one who could calm Riulla.


Mors is the god of death. He is the ruler and guardian of the afterlife. Mors' duty is to make sure that no soul escapes to the realm of the living. In that task he is assisted by the members of his cult.

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Tempus by Hero Forge

Tempus is the god of time and fate. Some people say that he is the most important of all deities and is the leader of the pantheon. With his pocket watch Tempus controls the flow of time. He is also the guardian of the Book of Lives, which tells the lives of all living beings. However, he can't manipulate or change the books contents.


Zaho is a trickster god of music. He likes to spent time hiding among the mortal nobility and stir trouble. Most often he does that by writing and singing songs which always offend someone important. It is said that he have caused many diplomatic incidents and wars in the history of Veneficia.

Gods of Light

Gods of Light are said to have been a group of incorporeal beings from an unknown plane of existence. They represent good, law and order. Most of the time the Quartet was in good relations with them.

Gods of Darkness

Similarly to the Gods of Light, Gods of Darkness are a group of incorporeal beings from an unknown plane of existence. They are the rivals of the Gods of Light, but rarely meddle in corporeal affairs.

Religious, Pantheon

Elemental Sages

Elemental Sages were magic-users dedicated to the worship of the Quartet. It is said that they lived and worked in temples of all the four dieties. Some passing mentions in old chronicles suggest that they might had something to do with the Falling.

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