Altan is the lost capital of the Seccan Khanate. It is said to have been located somewhere in the eastern fringes of Pianura Secca. According to legends and stories, there are great treasures hidden in Altan's ruins. One of them is the Bow of the First Khan, one of the regalia of the Khans. Each year expeditions travel to the plain and look for the city, but none have suceeded yet.

4th of Bloom, 1865 AF, somewhere on Pianura Secca
It's 5th day of our travel through Pianura Secca. The map says we are close and our weaver guide is confident that the threads can lead us there.
— Expedition's Journal

Ethereal Kheshig

People who tried to reach Altan say that at some point a group of ethereal riders blocked their passage and forced them to turn around. They were called Ethereal Kheshig, after the Khan's guards. It is said that a single of their ethereal arrows kills everybody it touches.

It is said that the Ethereal Kheshig were created by a seccan mage shortly after the fall of the Seccan Khanate. According to that theory, their purpose is to protect Altan from intruders.

14th of Bloom, 1865 AF, A seccan camp
We escaped! No spell was able to stop the Ethereal Kheshig. They are some strange magic. We lost 5 people to them. Our weaver guide was almost killed. I would like to try one more time, but the team's morale are low.
— Expedition's Journal

60 AF

Founding Date
-300 AE
Location under
Owning Organization

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