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The Afondri (afon tree)

Formed primarily from three separate streams, the Afondri has long been known as a most unusual river. Instead of one uniform color of water, this river, throughout her length persists in retaining, from time to time, the nature of the streams that formed her.   When other rivers are formed from disparate waters, it is understood that it might take some time before there is a complete blending, but with the Afondri, that blending is the exception. Not only does the river continue to manifest the diverse waters of her sources, when and where these appear constantly changes. A portion flowing pale green on its eastern bank one day may be totally common the next.   One should not assume that the river is always extraordinary, not so. Much of her time from confluence to sea is unremarkable, nothing to mark her as anything but a pleasant river, subject to floods and droughts, and winding from the northern mountains mostly south and west to the Sea of Storms


Three streams flow from different peaks of the Duwia mountains and join at one spot to form the Afondri. From that confluence the river flows south out of the mountains into the hills and then the fertile plains of the lowlands before gifting herself to the Sea of Storms

Localized Phenomena

The Afondri displays a number of unusual characteristics. Most notably, it does not always present a uniform sort of water. Like the three streams that form her primary source, the waters of the river display unique colors from time to time and in varied places.  It's as though the river is never quite a complete mix of her parents, sometimes revealing one aspect then another. These phenomena are most pronounced nearest to the confluence, but have been reported clear to the Sea of Storms  on rare occasions.


From earliest records this river has been approached with both caution and appreciation. It seems to have been considered variously as a place of healing, a symbol of the inconstant, unpredictable, and fickle nature of gods and humanity, an oracle, and a exploitable resource.   Flowing as she does from the Divine Mountains it seems reasonable that the river reflect the nature of the gods, or be interpreted as such. Much time has been given to the attempt to understand what the river is revealing, either about the nature of the gods, or as a message from them to mortal-kind. Success has been mixed, depending on the audience and those who claim to know the meanings revealed.   The healing power is more well documented, but the river itself is not a strong place for such things. More is done at the confluence to balance mind, body and spirit, than the river offers.   As an oracle, the river has been chary of her secrets. No interpretable pattern has yet been confirmed and all who claim revelation from the river have, to date, been revealed as wrong, sometimes criminally so.   While it is known that the waters of the three streams that form the Afondri have power to heal, the manner in which they succeed seems to be tied to the flow of the waters themselves. No success has been found in bathing in or drinking the waters away from their natural banks.  The gullible will buy, but not for long.
Alternative Name(s)
The Afon, River Triune, The Lady


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Master Moondare
Laure Yates
6 Jul, 2021 07:21

Great article! Such an original idea to have a river with a will of its own. I love that bit about the different sources, that was magic.

Master Moondare
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6 Jul, 2021 07:22

I also like you draw this from Celtic mythology. Very inspiring.

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thank you

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