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Mansgrave Swamp

When one thinks of myth and legend, no places inspire tales quite like the Mansgrave swamp. Sure, the far off tundras or the sands of Assmyae may contain some slumbering magicks or strange mirages, but the curses that hang over this place are unmatched. For each town in the Aspaxian Empire, you're likely to find a legend relating to the swamp, but there are 3 popular theories on its existance, but only one truth. Some say that thousands of years ago, the ancestors of the Aspaxian Empire angered another nation who lay past the Mansgrave Swamp. The ancestors, of course, emerged victorious, but with their dying breath, that enemy nation cursed the Aspaxian Empire, setting the Swamp as the Ultimate border to any future descendents of their would-be-conquerers.   Others claim that within the heart of the forest, there is a portal to the Unseelie Court, and all know that the fey do not take kindly to boorish guests, whether they are aware they are guests or not.   Still more say that the Mansgrave Swamps grow upon the back of an ancient and cursed evil, one which can control its trees and vines against the noble soldiers who would brave its bayous. Or perhaps the swamp is the ancient and cursed evil, its soul split among the miillions of trees as a way to keep it trapped and unmoving.   Each theory has its merits. The first would certainly explain the difficulties Aspax has had in conquering Esnuedor, which lay on the other side of the swamp, but fails to explain how it rebuffs the forces of Oerla as well. The second explains the many strange happenings, the men being lost in the woods only to come out 50 years late, unaged, or the strange creatures. The last explains how no two treks in the forest seems to remain the same, despite following well-worn passageways and roads.   No matter the theory, one thing is certain: the Mansgrave Swamp is a near-insurmountable barrier for the army of Aspax. Something that the nearby nation of Esnuedor is very thankful for, as they would have been overrun long ago without it.
Forest, Cloud / Water (Subtropical)

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